Vent Plug – Instructions

* Note – This is a general guide for vent plug use and application. It is solely the opinion of Isthmus Sailboards and intended to shed better understanding and use of a boards vent plug. IS Staff - JM

VENT PLUGS are a common feature on modern windsurfing boards of epoxy sandwich constructions. It is VERY IMPORTANT to INSTALL YOUR VENT PLUG and SECURE IT SNUG into position BEFORE THE BOARD IS USED IN THE WATER! Failure to do this will allow water to be absorbed into the hull which can lead to a delaminating hull.

The purpose of the VENT PLUG is to equalize internal and external pressure from heat extremes to changes in atmospheric pressure due to changes in elevation. When traveling with your board via… airplane travel or traveling through elevation extreme, it is strongly recommended that you open the vent plug to allow pressure release. Doing so will equalize the inner pressure of the board with external pressure and minimize build-up. If you don’t release the pressure, you may experience excessive build-up that can lead to problems of hull de-lamination (bubbling of the outer surfaces of the hull)

Images from left to right:

1) When receiving a new board, the vent plug is usually stuffed into the mast box while wrapped in bubble pack.
2) Un-wrap the bubble pack to expose the vent plug.
3) Screw the plug by hand into the vent hole which is usually located in front or behind the mast box.
4) Tighten the vent plug until snug. Don’t over tighten or you risk damaging the rubber o-ring seal.
5) When finished it will look like this and be flush with the deck or a bit below the surface.

Starboard Version