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Customer Testimonials
Anyhow, I wanted to give you an update and thank you for all of your help. The difference in quality of the rigs compared to what I was on is huge. I’m a happy customer.

You are like the best thank you. Glad to buy from you.

Robert from New York

Thanks for your patience and excellent customer experience! Let me know if there's anywhere that I can leave feedback for Isthmus Sailboard?s?. I would be very happy to write some positive feedback :)

Zhiyi? from Seattle?

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know I love all my new gear! My family and I were at the lake house all weekend – and I couldn’t get the family off of the Nova – everyone wanted to try and windsurf – that hasn’t happened in years! The wind was pretty light (6 to 8 MPH) so was a much better weekend to teach than to sail (at least, for me). I did get a chance to rig and try my new RRD 130 FireMove – and I am VERY HAPPY with the volume – but more so, the size – especially for the lake. It’s supposed to be windy this week – 12 to 15 MPH (which is windy for our lake) so I am excited to let you know how it rides when I can really test it out. Thank you so much for all your help in picking the new boards and sail – we couldn’t be happier!

Sharon from Florida

Looking forward to the new Nova 240D . Thanks for all the information you provided which helped me make the decision to get the board from Isthmus rather that from anyone else. Your quick response to all my questions helped me get all the details and comparisons between different boards and which would be the best board for a sailor of my size and ability and antiquity. Keep Sailing Thanks again.

Mike from Ohio

Thanks. You're a pleasure to work with. (purchased 2 Ezzy Elite sails)

Allan from Massachusetts

THANK YOU. I really appreciate your help and customer service. That's why I came back to you guys, after buying my exocet a few years ago, to purchase my rig.

Have a great day.
Janine from Colorado

This is actually why I start with you, and always buy from you. You have the knowledge, you take the time (even with me) to really find the correct board. You care.That goes a very long ways with me when it comes to a person that I want to support with my wallet.

Marty - New York

I just wanted thank you and your wonderful staff for all of your help, advice and patience during my recent purchase. I remember when I first noticed windsurfing up close. I was in the Navy in 1985 and was a surfer. During liberty on a stopover in Pearl Harbor I had snuck up the shore to surf the back side of Diamond Head. I remember it being a windy blown out day, not great for us surfers but awesome for the two windsurfers there who were absolutely ripping up the starboard tack swell. The other surfers were pissed but I was mesmerized. I recall this one California lookin dude with a bright pink sail just destroying the lip and driving bottom turns like I had never seen before! I decided then and there that I had to learn to windsurf, then I too would rip it like this guy. Heh heh, I had no idea that the "California dude" with the pink sail, with sail number US1111 was none other than world champion Robby Naish. Needless to say I never could rip like the king but over the next decade I did my fair share of "nukin" at the Gorge, Hatteras, Corpus, the Carribean and here in Madison WI.

Us locals out here in "the sticks" we're super lucky to have Isthmus sailboards right here. The local Madison chop hoppin crew was awesome from 1987 to 1995. Ten odd years later, a house, wife, munchkins, kidney transplant and many jobs it's time to get back out on the water. The Windsup looks like a great way to combine SUP, windsurfing and wave sailing/surfing at Sheboygan. Thanks for still being here after all these years and for always being there for your customers! See you guys on the water. (I noticed that Robby is still out riding monsters, hell why not! Heh heh)

Shaka bra-Dom - Madison, WI

Thanks for all the behind the scene help! BTW, your staff was an incredible resource and really helped me through all the considerations -- being able to talk with someone who has actually sailed all these boards makes all the difference. I can't wait to get the Isonic carbon 124 and am thrilled that I also might be able to get the 147 Ultrasonic. That could be the perfect light wind board quiver.
Again, many thanks!

Peter P. - Boston, MA

I just wanted to follow-up after our phone conversation and let you guys know how happy I am with the GT board bag ... staff spent quite a while on the phone with me talking me through the various sizing options and considerations. The bag fits perfectly (very snug) ... frankly I doubt that I would have been brave enough to order the 240x65 for my 245x65.5 board and would have ended up a little less than satisfied with a slightly oversized bag if not for your expert guidance and advice. So thanks again, this is the kind of service that will keep customers coming back! Thanks for your help with my shipping question. I'll place an order online in the next few days.

Mark R. - Storrs Mansfield, CT

My rig was delivered yesterday and everything appears to be in order. Can't wait to try it out this weekend!

I thank you heartily for seeing this transaction through and keeping me informed. I feel valued as a customer. Grade A service through and through.

Nick - Nebraska

Replacement board bag (GT 240x70) and Chinook parts from you and Chinook are received. Bag fits perfect.
Thanks you for all,

Reed O.- Kure Beach, NC

Think I've lost my board!

She's a very happy lady on it and lot of people commented on her speed and how good she looks now. I have to be very careful when I say it's all down to the board, if she's in earshot.

Both RRD boards (FSW V3 LTD 94, RRD Firemove V2 102 ltd) have pulled her forward in leaps and bounds though!

Thanks again for all your help.

Mike H., Bonaire & Great Britain

It is as always easy to receive good advice and service from you.

Tak I – Scarsdale, NY

I am loving the (RRD) X Fires (V8 – 98, 108, 114, 122, 129) both the speed and the remarkably easy planning jibes. Just tilt the mast forward and pressure the rail with the back foot and around it goes like a race car. And with the available volume, it is easy to fully plane out of the jibe.

Tom C. - Stuart, FL

I sailed the 101 (RRD Firestorm V3 Wood) today with a 5.5 Cheetah and I sailed the 123 (RRD Firestorm V3 Wood) with a 6.5 Cheetah. Both boards perform the same in every way. For reference, our (wife and I) old boards are 104 and 118 Magic Rides.

What I can say for sure compared to the Magic Rides is….
1) jibes, I come flying out of the turns with speed. About idiot proof. Hard not to plane coming out of the jibe.
2) Volume distribution is way better when exiting the jibe and making the sail flip. Again, makes it stupid easy.
3) Getting the back foot in the strap without upsetting the board trim is way easier. Beginner easy to stick the back foot in.
4) Smoother in chop going mach 10.
5) much smoother going through the jibe and over the back of chop.
6) volumes feel lower than the numbers say.

Early planing and speed I can’t can’t judge yet. Haven’t sailed with anyone I can benchmark off of. I can say it’s so smooth, it doesn’t feel freaky fast, but likely is fast.

I’d recommend these boards over the Magic Ride for just about everyone. I’m totally shocked by this.

Dwight F, - Merrit Island FL

Greetings from Half Moon Bay…and I've just wanted to thank you for being able to send my package on time, and everything arrived fine.

By the way, cool vid on your test of the new Ezzy sail, plus reading about your bio I can tell I was advised by someone who really knows his stuff.

Thanks again,
Juan G. - Halfmoon Bay, CA

I sailed 123 liter (RRD Firestorm V3 Wood) today. The best jibing board I've ridden since returning to windsurfing 5 years ago (I was away kiting for 10 years). It jibes old school. Lay down jibe and smooth as butter. Awesome.

Shocked they made it 30% faster and it jibes this good!

Dwight F, - Merrit Island FL

I learned quite a bit by talking with you..and for me was invaluable to get your opinion of potentially best harness when having lower back problems (!), I thought that using the seat harness was probably more aggravating than the waist, but it's a very limited observation. Anyway, I'll give this a try and hope for the best.

Take care,
Juan G. - Halfmoon Bay, CA

Jen Vallero in CT got our order for Bonaire and thank you so much for shipping it perfectly...…….of course, now the wind has died……always the way!

Caprice B, Bonaire

Thanks for getting back to me on the availability of the new Airplane models!

I have done business with Isthmus. The transaction was great (very knowledgeable and fast shipping) - so this is good news!

Thanks! Looking forward to a great summer season!
Dave S. - Fort Worth, TX
PS I will be back in touch mid to late Feb :-)

I have a new love of my life! The fanatic (86 Freewave) board is sensational - planes so quickly and stays flat through the chop!

Was running 7.0 on the jp all ride 96 and it was getting buffeted like a bitch in the chop and worse - a lot of fin slip! (Obviously the 2 are related).

Other, bigger guys, were running fine on 6.4m sails that day for sure.

Anyway swapped the jp (allride 96) for the fanatic (86 Freewave); babied it for a couple runs not believing it'd hold! Man did it hold.Omg - it took the full force - not a single fin slip!

What a feat of engineering! It's phenomenal. My old bic Saxo (85L) could never do that.

Guys couldn't believe I could put that much sail on 86L. A treat to be able to ride that board with that sail any day - but especially on a day when the jp wasn't liking the chop.

Reamonn S, Pampono Beach FL

I have everything now (special order parts and harness lines) thank you for all your help.

Jowell T – Atlanta GA

Thank you again for all the help over the last two years. Your patience and instructions have been greatly appreciated. I definitely could not have done this without you!!! All of your help with board and sail selections has also been very much appreciated. I am very fortunate to have called you on that first board purchase!
Thank you again!!

Tonya L. - Porum, OK

I sincerely appreciate your willingness to help due to the mast warranty and trying to help find a comparable replacement.

Thank you again. Have a good day.
John B - Santa Barbara, CA

i got the (Starboard) freeride 12'2" electric. i just rode it first time today. It is much more a Thoroughbred race board than the asap. paddles much faster, especially upwind against the chop. also transitions to the plane even quicker and easier than the asap under sail. a little tippier that the asap paddling.... interesting what different materials with the same shape makes. so you were right. thanks! So i would highly recommend that anyone trying to decide between the two go with the electric. However you can't beat the asap for the price. i have taught several people paddling and windsurfing on the asap and they learned very quickly. so i really love that board too. and both board will plane very nicely in the light wind conditions we have here.

Charles E, Oceanside CA

Thanks. Again, really appreciate your help here…Isthmus will remain my first choice for future purchases since I appreciate your willingness to talk me through all my questions.

Chris J. ­ Ellettsville, IN

Just thought I would thank you again … I'm dig'n my new rides. As I said before the Magic Ride is incredible. Light air has become fun again and it Jibes like a board half it's size. My newer formula might be history.

I'm not quite dialed in on the Hawk yet but I think it's a fin issue. The stock fin is basically a rake on Calhoun.

Thanks again,
Jay C, Mpls, MN

I got the boom (Aeron Slim) and vest (DKSurface) today. Good call with me getting the large on the fits great. The boom looks like a work of art.

Isthmus Staff been very patient with me. I’m so used to the typical “long pauses” and “sighs” from a lot of companies these days but you spent a good amount of time with me via email and phone and I truly appreciate it. This will NOT be my last purchase.

Allan S, Stowe, VT

Today I received a delivery from Pilot Freight of the JP Light Wind Pro board that I ordered from Isthmus. The box did have have puncture marks, but the driver waited while I opened it, and the inner box and board were undamaged. Pilot was easy to deal with and delivered the board within the scheduled period of time.

Barrett W. ­ Decatur, GA

Thanks for info! I would go with mast in rig package, so I'll call to order.

Thanks again and really appreciate the quick responses!

Have a great day,
Andrew, C

Last Input (RRD firemove 112 ltd). Tried the provided fin with a 7.0 Ezzy Wave sail. Pretty good planing performance and low end, also fast up wind. Early planing prow­ness is just a tad off still of what I was hoping for but definitely sufficient. Read an interesting review in the Windsurf Mag about how they plane quicker first going way off the wind and this definitely is the case. The same rocker and V and curvy outline though is what makes it turn so great. It carves like a FSW board, actually it rocker line is very close to the JP FSW's.

I went back to a 31 cm fin and though I lose a little upwind it explodes going downwind. I was racing kiters and blowing them away just off the wind. Whereas with the provided MFC fin (Liquid Pro 38 cm) I was beating them upwind. Makes sense.

When there's waves… The board is a blast in side on conditions. The board reminds me very much of an oversized but shorter version of the first freestyle boards that came out that still could be used in the waves. Does nice off the lips and floater and jumps pretty well with either of the smaller fins. I might even loop it one day….when the conditions are right. And when I'm shlogging around the park, it takes off once on a wave…..and is very loose for this size board.

Happy and stoked with the board, meets all my requirements.

Warmest Regards,
Stan L, Panama City Beach, FL

Got replacement Chinook parts... last week ­ thank you again for your help!

Richard B. ­ Madison CT

Thanks for getting all of this off to us (complete windsurf package­ we assembled it all, and I taught both of my boys how to windsurf! And I took my first sail in probably 20 years. Really appreciate you being able to move quickly for us, that was really impressive.

Again, thanks for doing it all so quickly.
Kevin L – Natick, MA

The 34cm TA Convert fin and fin screw & tab arrived. Thank you very much!

Tom O. ­ Auburn Hills, MI

Got the emails that the stuff was on its way yesterday. Really appreciate the advice and pulling it all together so quickly. Can't wait to pass on my love of the ocean to my kids ­ could be the next Robby Naish waiting in the wings !! (inflatable winsups­ service)

Catch ya,
Steve B. ­ Houston, TX

Got the bag and booties. Bag fits great. The 255 would've def been too small so thanks again for checking.

Thanks again
Jeff on mobile

The Chinook adjustable outhaul kit worked out great! I may be ordering another one from you shortly for my other boom.

Mike S, Weston, FL

Today I received my new Ezzy Lion 8.5 on Curacao, and it is undamaged, so I am very happy with that. Thanks so much for double boxing it. It may have made the difference. Hopefully tomorrow I can try out the sail.

Roeland S. ­ Curacao

I received my board Starboard Inflatable Windsup two days ago. Overall pleased with outcome.

I had a chance to set it all up (new Gaastra Pilot Windsurfing kit) in my yard and it's pretty impressive... I am very stoked to get out and use it, next time I go, I may just leave my kite gear at home ;)

Amadeo S ­ Mpls, MN

Very helpful (IST RRD easyride rigging video), though i had to watch a few times to see the rope routing for the uphaul on the boom. Thanks soooo much!

Carol E.A. ­ Mary Esther, FL

Last year, I purchased a new Firemove (140) E­Tech windsurfer from your shop and really enjoy the board.
Will Y. ­ Campbell, CA

Thanks so much for the fast service.

Jonna G. ­ Pine Island, NY

You guys have been so helpful! Thanks for the great help! You were amazing on the phone earlier and I learned so much! So awesome having all my questions answered. I work at a bike shop and I'm always excited about giving good service and getting people addicted to cycling. I promote the sport like you do with sailing! Excited about getting addicted to sailing!

Thanks for everything
I'll be in touch

Karl R. ­ Old Orchard Beach, ME

Thank you for your help. I will pass this information along to my boss and I’m sure he will be

making a purchase soon.

Ronica G. ­ Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks for GT board. Real nice. Light. Fast delivery!

Take care.
Gary K. ­ Erie, PA

Thank you for sharing info on board Shipments to Canada ­ most helpful.

Dave M ­ Barrie, Ontario

It works well. (new Matrix HD 6.5) Great riding sail!

Cal D. - Mountain Top, PA

Thanks ..Much appreciated buddy. (Exocet Windsup 11'8") Got the (replacement) center fin, fits perfect. Just so you know I've been super impressed/appreciative of doing business with you guys. Paddling is still really new up here and people are definitely interested. There's a couple local companies selling boards and it is very clear that they really don't know a lot about it. They're simply a provider. I've referred a few people to you guys...not sure if they'll follow through but trying to get your name out in our small local community.

Kyle R. - Houghton, MI

Just a quick note: Board arrived in fine shape, and rides as I hoped! Caught a nice windy afternoon yesterday, so I tested it with a 6.0 and 6.5 in 18­25 mph winds.

Thank you for your help and advice!

David C. ­ Needham, MA

I live in Oceanside California and over the years used the local SUP and surf shops to order from Starboard, Bic, and the other sup/windsurf equipment. Since I found Isthmus I have exclusively used them. They are very friendly and will actually talk to you and give you very knowledgeable advice about what to order, and how to use it. I had mainly been ordering rigs, sails, and hard to find accessories through istmus. Recently I ordered my first board though them instead of going through a local shop. Nomally I have had starboard or bic take between one and two months to get something to a local surf shop on a special order. But since Istums keeps items in stock. I got a board from them in 4 days to the local shipping company warehouse in San Diego. And this was their standard shipping. Also they have a guarantee for the contents not being damaged. I cant tell you how amazed an pleased I am. Istmus is now my SUP and windsurf home.

Charles E, Oceanside, CA

Even though there places in so cal - I use isthmus as you have such excellent customer service.

Chuck E, Oceanside, CA

I promised that I would email you back after I had a chance to ride the RRD (firemove 112 V2). I had 20 mph winds yesterday, 80 degree weather and I gave myself the afternoon off. Cranking on a 5.5 the board really surprised me at what a solid short board it is and it handled chop much better than I would have expected. Got me through a few lulls much better than I thought and I now wonder if I will need my little board much now. Appreciate the recommendation on this board, got me back on the water having fun again.

Bob F, West Lafayette, IN

Thanks for the reply. I purchased the RRD 150L light wind slalom board from you all last year and coupled with a 9.5L sail it’s been incredible. I plane in 10 knots, but when the wind and waves pick up it becomes a little unruly. I think the RRD Freestyle Wave V3 100 would be a good choice. I will probably go with that in the near future.

Alex K, Montgomery, AL

Top marks for customer service! (SB Isonic 107)

Ben E, S.F. CA

Hey I wanted to give you an update on my windsurfing progress. It’s going well! I’m having fun and definitely getting better. Wetsuit is working out great too. Will keep you posted! Start thinking about more advanced boards. :-)

Mark G, Monona, WI

I have sailed the Atomiq 100 now, with a 7.5 in open ocean conditions, it is everything I hoped it would be, thanks for your help on that.

Shayne, Angel Glow captain.

I recently purchased the Exocet Link from Isthmus Sailboards. They were extremely proficient & super friendly and got us all dialed in and ready to go!! Definitively recommend giving them a call or email.


- Kristen Nebraska

RRD (VR Carbon wave 140) boom is awesome!

Tetsuya O, Ojia CA

I got to ride the JP Magic Ride for the first time today. It was a little on the strong side for a wide 132 ltr, extremely powered on a 6.6 and in very choppy conditions the Magic Ride was great! It planed thru the lulls and accelerated thru the gusts always staying very flat on the water. Jibes were amazingly effortless. When I first pulled this board out of the box I thought this is going to be too wide for me (I already have a formula) but I was pleasantly surprised by it's performance. Three and a half hours (nonstop) of full speed hero jibes between the sailboats and the Tin Fish patio and not one stuck rail. I was very surprised that even when I had to tighten up my arc suddenly, the board would continue carving. Just about everybody at the lake commented on how well the Magic Ride performed. I am very happy with the purchase. Thanks for the recommendation! You da man! JC from Minnesota

LOVED all the equipment you sold me and Peter looked sooo good on his 94L RRD. We were high fiving out there. Love the Ezzy Elites too. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

XOXO, Caprice from Bonaire

Re: Isthmus order
Thank you, Isthmus, for all your patient help. Pleasure to do business with you.

Chris T. - Evanston, IL

Guys. Got both boards and as promised, they look AWESOME! (Xfire 114 V6, 129 V7) I don't want to use them cause they may get a scratch or dirt on them! Haha

Just wanted to reach out and drop you a note.

Thx! Mike S. - FL

Hi Guys, I was able to sail the new board (Exocet RS3)and was good w 6.5 , only issue tuttle box was a little sloppy side to side( so I will need to beef up my fins to fit better). Also I may put a light mist coat of white paint on nose and front deck area( as black may be a bit of a pressure cooker in the summer sun) let me know if the paint is an issue for warranty, as I think it will help prolong the life of the board. Thanks again for your help with everything.

North shore addict!

Bill V, - Kaukauna, WI

Took the new (replacement) Ezzy Legacy back out on the water yesterday. Another 20MPH day. After blasting around for 2 hours with the Ezzy Legacy 6.5, all I can say is I loved it. Water start in the deep water is now a piece of cake and I finally nailed my first cave gybe with the Legacy.

…I was able to sail with confidence. The Legacy was powerful stable and so light. It made the sail handling so much easier and I was able to accomplish a lot of stuff I was struggling with my cambered sails (7.5 Lion). Now I wonder why I did not switch to none-cambered sail earlier.

Just want to thank you for taking care of the issue with my original Legacy and want to let you know how much I loved the Legacy after I was able to really try it out.

Lance C, Oakton, VA

Hello, I received the items today. Thank you! I bought a used Phantom and it didn't come with a universal. The Aeron fits perfectly. So glad you had the right part. Thanks again for the fast delivery too.

Trina H. - Corpus Christi, TX

I can't thank you enough for all that you did. Once Jenny verified that Rocargo had received the funds, they gave me the four boxes. I just came off the water with a giant grin. The 5.2 (tiger) worked beautifully and the board (RRD FSW 94 LTD) was terrific. I did not spin out once! What a pleasure to sail with such light and responsive equipment.

I have only rigged one sail. Everything arrived except the third sleeve for the boom for skinny masts and some extra line. I checked to make sure nothing was in the boxes before I threw them out but I may still come across the mast sleeve. Anyway, no worries, I will look around here.

Again, so many thanks for your efforts and also for your good advice.

My best to Gary

Peter L.- Bonaire

Just want to add another note that I am extremely satisfied with the quick turn around. Isthmus Sailboards + Ezzy = excellent customer services.
Thanks again!

Lance C. - Oakton, VA

Thanks for the tip on the video for the T6. After seeing it I think the harness is actually coming loose while I'm sailing because I am not doing that last step correctly. I really appreciate you pointing me to the video and not just selling me another harness.

Best Regards,

Brian B. - Palatine, IL

All arrived fine...thanks for all of your help! The 9.5 sail (Cheetah) is Great and a lot easier to handle than i thought it would have been. Much greater speed and ease in light wind, and surprisingly easy to handle in heavy wind. Great sail and fin. I highly recommend it. They even included a Cheetah key chain.

thanks again!
Chuck E. - Oceanside, CA

I finally got on the water a few days ago with my new RRD board and Avanti sails. I tell you – I jumped right up on it, felt at home, raced across the lake I was on, jibed, and screamed in delight! The equipment is absolutely perfect and fits me like a glove! Didn’t even take 5 minutes to get used to. I love the board feel – it is like I’ve had this board for 5 years and it behaves like it. And the 5.0 is amazing – even in 40 mph gusts I just flattened it and did OK.

Thank you for your fantastic help in picking the right gear! I am sooooooooooooo happy with it.

Gorm from Keene, CA

Thank you for all your expert help in my purchase . And appreciate all the Wealth of knowledge which you have given to me.

Thank you !
Anne G. - Babylon, NY

I wanted to mention that my new gear is absolutely perfect great performance and I'm very happy with it. I'm also very happy with your outstanding service, I do and will highly recommend Isthmus Sailboards thank you so much.

Kind Regards

Eric from the Galapagos Islands

Great, thanks Jon and thanks for all the help! (Windsup 11'8" package.)

-Brian H. - Wesley Halls, MA

Both were delivered in single box yesterday. (missing Bic parts) I should be good to go now. We all make mistakes, but your proactive approach to making this right is very refreshing in today’s world.

Thanks, Jon!!!
Tim S.G. - St Cloud, FL

I rigged up the RDM Streamlined extension yesterday. The extension is exactly what I needed with my new RDM mast. Very Nice....

Also, the NP XL Hoodie is a little thinner than I expected but, the fit is spot on…

Thank you,
Doug K. - Aiken, SC

Just a quick note to let you know that the RRD Firemove 122 arrived in perfect shape.

Picked it up Wednesday. Pilot info said “damaged package” on the phone, but the bubble wrap was not penetrated and the board was untouched. Pilot freight co. was great to deal with. Hope to sail on a clearing day early next week.

Thanks for your help and advice in selecting this board.

David D. - San Diego, CA

That looks much better! With the shim and tightening it down that should do the trick. I will let you know the final outcome when I get the fin. Thank you for fixing the problem so quickly. Please pass my thanks on to Chuck Ames.

Your excellent customer service is very appreciated.

John F – Denver, CO

The package delivered (fins and accessories) !!!!! Thanks for awesome service...BTW Neil Pryde deluxe uphaul pretty sexy !

Ed D. - Cape Canaveral, FL

FYI, i have received this package of missing parts. (SB Kode FSW). There is no trouble when it is resolved efficiently. Your service has been outstanding. I hope SB will get things right for others, as it could have been disappointing if this was happening in the summer.

Thanks for your help.
Henrikas R, Bedford, MA

Thank you all for helping me spend my hard earned cash. Say hello to Gary for me.

I'll be back…

Frank M, Port Washington, NY

Isthmus - loving the new Elite sails and boom combo - was out last weekend in steady 25 knots with my 5.3 elite tuned perfectly. It’s a great leap up from my old rig and has taken the fun factor to a whole new level.

Many thanks,
Andrew H - San Jose, Costa Rica

Thanks everyone at Isthmus for special ordering my new board (Jp Freestyle Pro 2014)! It arrived yesterday in good condition from Pilot Freight. I've installed a K4 Fins 20cm "Bubble" fin (designed by Britain's freestyler Andy "Bubble" Chambers), got the straps on their 'narrow' setting, put the vent plug in and I've set the board in the living room so I can stare at it until it gets warm enough to go out and start the season! I will certainly do business with you again.
Good sailing

Richard S. - Dayton, OH

First of all - MANY thanks for all the info on your website !!!
It is GREAT --> plus the videos -->
Since you have such a wealth of information, I was wondering if you could add some words of wisdom to my friend Franco? …
thx in advance

Joe Windsurfer - - email inquiry

Received sail today (Ezzy Elite 4.7) in mail. Will sail as soon as winds cooperate to see if I like it's performance. If I do like it,... will order another in 5.3m Thank you very much & Happy Holidays!

Casey C - APO

Thank you Very Much for your assistance with Ezzy Elite 4.7 purchase! Shipping through the Postal Service can be such a Pain at times. It's always such a pleasure to do business with people who take the time & make the extra effort to accommodate my needs. Thanks again!
Happy Holidays!

Casey, C

Good stuff. Thanks Jon - now to sell the previous fleet. (2x JP boards) Thanks for the efficiency. Can’t wait to play with the new toys. Will steer anybody here in Cayman your direction.

Mike J, Cayman Islands

You guys are on it as usual! - the best retailer in the US by far.

I have just placed the order on the website. Thank you so much for your speedy response and being able to get me the wetsuit on time.

Much appreciated.

Andy from Austin, TX

Awesome. ...I'm the guy that loaded up on cold weather gear last week. I went out yesterday the Elite wetsuit for the first time and it worked good, actually too good; I was burning up. I think I need colder weather for the suit. Anyway, thanks again for all the help last week.

-Jeff A, Mpls, Mn

I got the board and bag. (Exocet windsup 11'8" ast) The bag fits perfectly and the board looks great, no nicks or scuff.

Thank you for your help!

Bill P. - Washington DC

Your arm twisting and high pressure sales pitch worked. Smile. After doing the math I decided that a big sail, mast, and possibly longer booms could easily cost as much or more than a superlight wind board. ... Last, but not least, it would be much easier to swap out a larger board for my higher wind Futura, using the same 9.5 rig, rather than changing sail/mast/boom. So I just placed an online order for a 2013 Ultrasonic and board bag.

Mark S. - Shelbyville, KY

I received the Firemove 140 W Tech today, it arrived with no shipping damage - thanks for wrapping it carefully. Its a beautiful board and I cant wait to sail it!!! Thanks!!!

John G, Edgewater, MD

The Ezzy Cheetah 7.5 (red) I recently got from you is awesome. much easier to sail with than the Infinity which it replaced, and the Infinity was easy.

Dennis G, Huntington Station, NY

Just to let you know that my Ezzy sails arrived at my hotel last week on queue. I arrived home from the US last Friday eve, and took more than a few moments to unpack them and enjoy the visuals. The colours are awesome, the frenetic colouring of the Elite, through to the classy Lion, with the Cheetah falling somewhere in between. Obviously I can't wait to get them on the water come December. Thanks for your smooth and efficient service, as always.
Cheers for now.

Andrew H, San Jose, Costa Rica

PS - while it's kind of easy to hide four new sails in the mass of gear I have in my garage, it was the four new Ezzy key fobs lying on the kitchen table that finally blew my cover!

Hey Jon, sorry I took so long to get back to you, really enjoying the sail (Ezzy Lion)and the board (SB ultrasonic 147 carbon). Instructions for setting up the cams to the mast were easy. Also thankful to Dave Ezzy for including a tool in the luff sleeve that conveniently (also) fits the vent plug on the board, after getting everything to the beach and noticing I forgot to close that : ) Very satisfied customer.

Mark D, - Lusby, MD

All good my friend all good. ...Thanks for all the stickers and the good service. (RRD firewave and Ezzy sails/ masts/rigs and fins)
Take care my friend and I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Mike M.- Petion-Ville, Haiti

I'm so happy that I deal/ purchase from your company. Gary, Jon and all of the staff I've ever dealt with have been nothing short of TOP NOTCH!
Thank you for such great service.

Marty J. - Liverpool, NY

We traded emails last spring about the RRD Fire Move and a couple of others I was looking at. I haven't been able to sail it much this year - very poor season - but the few times I've been on it have been good. It's not the fastest, but there was no having to get used to it; it just does a lot of things well - it's a fun board to ride. Here's a short clip - no sound & utube degraded it - from Sunday at Lake Leelanau in northern MI.
Thanks again for your help.

Dave D, - Traverse City, MI

Thanks for your help. I got all the new gear and it was perfect. The cheetah sails are fantastic. They seem very durable.

Thanks again.
Jeff from Naishville, TN.

Andy here; purchased an RRD Firemove 110 Ltd from you last fall. Wanted to write back and tell you how much I've been enjoying the board! It literally does everything it promises, and some. Could not be happier!

Thanks again for recommending the Firemove, and I hope you're having a great summer.

Marquette, MI

I really appreciate that you guys always seem to have the answers and the parts I need. :)

Grayson K, Burlington VT

New batten arrived today, and it looks great. I'll rig it tomorrow, but I don't anticipate any issues.

Many thanks!

Thanks again for the great deal and super service! The JP arrived at 11:00 a.m. Friday, only 46 hours after I ordered it! That gave me enough time to get the straps on it for an afternoon 6.0 session! Awesome board! Loved it!

Webb from Lawrence, Kansas

Thanks for excellent service on the shipping. The Kids rig is fantastic. great quality will last through my 4 grandchildren.
Thanks again, Reed, Kure Beach, NC

Just received and tried my 2014 Ezzy Cheetah 9.5. Re-rigged with my old mast, a storm came up so went on a test run. Quick to plane, responsive in the jibe, plenty of power & l returned in one piece after 45 mins. I'm stoked. Thanks isthmus for your quick service & good advice.

Pete L., Chapin, SC

Just wanted you to know that you make a difference that transcends gear. As Manu said in Heart & Soul, "It's not about the windsurfing, it's something much bigger than windsurfing."

I'm sure that in your heart of hearts you know that, but still it's nice to hear it from someone now and then.

Have a good summer,
Geoff from New York

Just wanted to let you know that everything you said about the Firemove (110 LTD) was true. We had some great wind on Saturday and I was overpowered all day using a 5.3. I found that all maneuvers were easier because of the stability of the board. Very quick to plane. No buyer's remorse here!

Thanks again,
Dean H. Wexford, PA

Long time since I corresponded with you, but I talk with folks about you a lot and can vouch that everyone is very impressed by your helpfulness and the Isthmus team.

Geoff M, Ithaca, NY

Fabulous board, (SB Rio Medium) goes well for learning and sails pretty well for me. I think this one is hugely recommended for all purpose.


Mike C., Madison, WI

I LOVE my new board. (RRD 90 LTD) Sailed today in Salvo with a 4.0 sail. It popped up in a plane easily and handled the chop so smoothly that I didn't even notice it. You rocked it again for me! Thanks so much.

Donna K. Raleigh, NC

The Firemove is a breakthrough board, at least for me. I also love my Exocet Windsup. You guys have really stepped up my sailing time! Thanks for being there!

Tom B. Westminster VT

I bought an RRD Firemove before last year's season and in my 25 years of windsurfing I have never enjoyed jibing more, and have never had the success rate I had last year. I'm not exaggerating when I say that one board brought back all my stoke for this great sport! I'm buying some new sails and selling my kite and kiteboards, not kidding. I wish there were some way for everyone to try these boards!

Tom B, Westminster VT

Hey my friends, Rode my new Firemove 110 last night-Sweet! I really enjoyed an after work session on Lake McBride last night. The ice just lifted and so I rode my new Firemove 110 with a 9.0 sail in 15-20mph winds and what a blast! Amazing how quickly it pops up on a plane and jibing was so FUN-even with a big sail. Looking forward to riding it with smaller sails and in some big Lake Michigan swells!

Going out tonight too!!! Yeeehaaa Spring is here!!!

Joel N, Coralville, IA

Thank you once again for all your work. I really enjoy buying gear from you, you are very professional and very dedicate. Congratulations! (RRD X-fire 105 ltd V6)

Luis C.F., Sao Paulo Brazil

Thanks a lot for attention and taking good care about this issue. (Batten replacement NP race sail)

Regards, Clovis M., Sao Paulo, Brazil

Thanks so much. You are very knowledgeable in your business and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to the board.

JB - Belvidere, NJ

Thanks so much. You are very knowledgeable in your business and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to the board. (SB Windsup w/ rig)

John B, Belvidere, NJ

Just opened the box for the new paddle. It is awesome. Your knowledge and professionalism is what makes our country great. I really appreciate you taking care of me and my family. I am hoping for some warmer weather over the next few weeks, to get out on the water. (Windsup Inflatable complete packages)

Brian S. - Hernando, MS

Got both boards today! Thanks for the follow up and gotta say, great packing. Love the double box for added protection. Can't wait to get my board wet.

Alejandro from Florida

I just received the board un-crushed by mad fork lifts, jet tires, and/or falling Asteroids out of the sky. amazing...Looks great - can't wait to try it. (Kona One) Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate!

Have a great weekend. Scott E, Reno NV

I've got the True Ames fin. (True Ames Sweeper - Trim Base 42cm) It fits perfectly and looks good. Thank you!

Guillermo M, FL / Uruguay

Hi, I purchased a Kona One from you a few years back - love it! My family is moving to Sweden from California. I'd love to hold onto the board and bring it with us.

Jesse B, California

Good Morning I am really enjoying the firemove 100. I had not sailed in 9 months but right out of the gate I could water start, up haul, tack and do a pivot jibe. I suspect some of that is because of the width in the tail. The board gets on an easy plane and is relatively forgiving although it does not like a lot of back foot pressure. After one false start I was jibing on the 5.5 All in all it is a really good set up.
The real purpose of the email is not to brag but to thank you for your "blind" recommendations. I don't think I could have made better choices if I had done the research myself.
Have a good Christmas and thanks again for all your help.

Bob from Minnesota

Gary. Thank you for following up. You obviously have the respect of your suppliers and I think you know that I have the upmost respect for you, your staff, and the way you run your business. I will be posting some comments on this experience. (our team assisted in getting a replacement board bag for Nigel)

Again, many thanks
Warm regards
Nigel from Torrance, CA

Thanks for getting this over, and most of all for your advice! Can't wait to get this board in the water (RRD Firemove 110).

Andy J, Marquette, MI

I had a wonderful sailing season with the new board (JP SLW 165)

Jeff K, Michigan City, IN

My name is Andy and I recently made a purchase from your online store (over the phone); I was helped by Pat, and he provided very good service and shipped my order very quickly. I received the item the very next day, which is above and beyond what I expected. I'm also a retail business owner, and can appreciate good service. Please keep up the good work guys! Andy J, Marquette, MI

Thanks for your help. Your shop is the place to order windsurfing gear…Great service and reliable info.

Tak I, Irvington, NY

Love the new Ezzy sails and Chinook booms !!

Thanx Jim S. Missouri City, TX

I had 2 hours session last Saturday, 3 hours Sunday, and I’m happy to report that my new 2012 RRD 108 FSW LTD V2 simply ROCKS! Board feels much smaller than it is, it feels very light, very responsive, and practically jibes by itself. I love it. Thank you for great (as usual) advise.

Erik from Brooklyn, NY

I would like to thank you for the awesome help & assistance with my Kona One purchase. Isthmus Sailboards is the premier hot spot! Your company is pure class. My entire purchase process was smooth, painless, and all of the professional windsurfing experience was explained to me in depth. You guys rock! Have a good one!

Blake from Gig Harbor, WA

Hi Jon! I would like to thank you and Gary for the awesome help & assistance with my Kona One purchase. Isthmus Sail Boards is the premier hot spot! Your company is pure class. My entire purchase process was smooth, painless, and all of the professional windsurfing experience was explained to me in depth. You guys rock!
Have a good one!

Blake G, Gig Harbor, WA

Just wanted to let you know how much we've enjoyed the Exocet and Naish boards since they were delivered last Wed - as of tonight we've been out 4 times. Sunday after church there was no wind so we went to the local reservoir for paddling but loaded the sails just in case. The wind picked up - didn't have a harness with me but had some great runs with the 7.5 Legacy (great advice on sail size) and I'm still smiling a few days later.
We had to include a few pics to prove there are water sports in Indiana!

Thanks! DG from Indiana

Just wanted to let you guys know how impressed I was with the packaging of the Starboard Phantom 320 that I ordered from Isthmus. That took a lot of time and I really appreciate it. With a board of that size, and traveling as far as it did, all sorts of things can happen on a freight truck. You guys went the extra mile and your customers really appreciate it.

Thanks again!

Brooks Gant

Just wanted to let you know that all of the pieces fit together and I've been using the sail and board the past few days. What a joy! Never will be like the folks pictured in the magazine you sent, but still having fun and can definitely get the board on a surfing plane and can handle much more wind that I could with the old board. Hopefully some younger people will see me flying around out there on Sister Bay and will get interested.

Thanks for all of your help.

Dave W, Chapel Hill, NC

Thanks Jon for your help and expertise...(Bic and Cheethah pkg)

Chin Yi Northville, MI

I received my part last night, and it fits perfectly. Thanks for the informative, knowledgeable and prompt service.

Scott B, Bohemia, NY

The fin arrived. Looks great on my board. Now I only need the right wind.

Joachim - Vermilion, OH

Sail arrived Tuesday morning 8:40am in perfect condition at my door here in Perth, Australia (4.5 days in total travel time). Had a chance to test it yesterday afternoon, works well. More good wind for the 5.5m Cheetah on the way tomorrow!!! Thanks :-)

C ya,
Adriaan Perth, AU

Thank You , Nice talking with you are very kind and patient.
Best Regards

Bill - Oconomowoc, WI

The RRD FSW 96 LDT, came Monday. Perfect shape, no problems.. and I got to ride it in the afternoon !!! Nice ! Real Nice !! It's all they say it is ! Wind was blowing 20 to 22 kt's. so I had a blast. So happy I got this board !! Feel like keeping it in my bedroom. Thanks for your help,and info. on this board !! I'm really stoked !! Thanks again,

George J, Ashtabula, OH

Thanks for the new outhaul line. You can see from these pics that the wind was great during our week up North, and I really enjoyed my new Kona One. I appreciate all the help you provided on the initial set-up. I would have spent half the week doing those things on my own! I will be christening my new board some time this week in a Missouri lake.


The bag you sent me is great! (Epic day wall). Fits that 137 Kode like a glove- thanks!

Dean C. Mpls, MN

I Love it! Love it! Love it! (new 5.8 Ezzy Legend complete rig w/ rdm mast)

Uta R. Collinsville, IL

Thank You. What a pleasure talking to you. You were so helpful!

-Dino K. Chestnut Hill, MA

Thank you again for your patience and help. (complete windsurfing kit purchase)
I look forward to getting back on the water.

Steve M, Yorktown, VA

I just received everything yesterday, and it looks great! Need to wait for the weather to turn around a bit here, but looking forward to getting on it soon. Thanks again for all your help, I appreciate it! (SB Windsup complete)

Evan R., Fairbanks AK

I really appreciate all of your help. You guys sure do know the meaning of customer service.
thanks again.

Dennis G, Huntington Station, NY

This note is overdue, I want to thank you very much for your assistance and knowledgeable advice with my new board purchase. As you may remember, I was interested in the RRD FSW 102, you convinced me to get the RRD FSW 96L, despite my reservations about crossing the 100L mark and it being the smallest board I have ever ridden.

It’s a fantastic board in high wind/chop conditions and is relatively easy to sail despite it's small size and my 190lbs I am thrilled with my purchase! Your advice on foot strap position and using the fin from my RRD 120 FSW were excellent tips. Shipping was fast!.

Thanks again,
Michael M. – Chicago, IL

JP Superlight …. Love the board. I get planning at about 13 MPH with the 9.5 Ezzy Cheetah sail I bought from you about a month ago. I’ve been sailing every weekend since!

Thanks again for your awesome service and your very helpful info.

Paul M, Wakefield MA

You guys provide the best service! You’re my number 1 source for windsurf/SUP equipment!


I took the board out for a trial run yesterday. (Core 160D)

It was very stable with a 5.6 sail in 20-25 knot wind and choppy water conditions.

Thanks again for your help.
Allen L., Bronx, NY

I recently bought a 2012 Starboard GO 171L from your store & extremely happy with the entire buying process.

Hai L, SF, CA

I finally got the board in the waves. RRD WaveCult 83 Quad) Three days in a row of 4.2 -4.7, head high, side shore conditions at Davenport last week. I am a novice wave sailor so probably not the best reviewer but I can say the new quad worked well for me. I moved the front foot straps and the fins forward. I had no control issues. The board seems to steer naturally where I wanted it to go. Man, wave sailing is such a rush. It is so cool when in front of a wave the surface gets smooth, speed picks up and I can just rip down and across into a bottom turn and go back up the face and then repeat a couple times! I know that you know what it’s like. I guess I am just gushing.

I finally got the board in the waves. RRD WaveCult 83 Quad) Three days in a row of 4.2 -4.7, head high, side shore conditions at Davenport last week. I am a novice wave sailor so probably not the best reviewer but I can say the new quad worked well for me. I moved the front foot straps and the fins forward. I had no control issues. The board seems to steer naturally where I wanted it to go. Man, wave sailing is such a rush. It is so cool when in front of a wave the surface gets smooth, speed picks up and I can just rip down and across into a bottom turn and go back up the face and then repeat a couple times! I know that you know what it’s like. I guess I am just gushing.

Good wind and waves your way,

Jay M, Stockton, CA

Thanks for your advice for using a mast extension as opposed to spending tons more money on a new mast.

Also cut down mast base extension to receive extendo without hitting inside ferrule(per your suggestion) Worked perfectly!

Takes a high level of customer service to offer a savings option like you did, I appreciate that.

Now I can continue my professional catapulting career.

John P. - Melrose, FL

I received the package yesterday. Thanks for sending it so quickly...just in time for the big N day.

Andrew S. – Chicago, IL

I've sailed the 2012 V-4 X-Fire on 4 separate days now with 7.5, 6.5 and 5.8. It is Super fast and just seems to accelerate faster and faster. It's fun carving into a jibe-it feels nice and smooth, so the tail section that RRD refined appears to really aid it's carving ability. Both fin choices you helped me with (MFC RC) are just right-nice job on the selection.

Thank for all the time spent helping me figure out which board to go with….and the 114 liter WAS the best choice size wise as I've ridden the 7.5 on it the most, and with our Mid-West conditions it was a better choice than going narrower.

It's fun man….can't wait to get on it again…maybe tonight.

Joel N, Coralville, IA

Just got the board. (RRD Wavetwin 82 ltd) It's beautiful, no damage. Thanks for the great service! Hoping to get it out tomorrow for a rip.

Alex C, Dartmouth, NS

For the record, that Severne Blade 5.3 is a big upgrade from my old North stuff. If you have anyone that wants info/review on them send them my way. I cant say enough about the weight, construction and handling. The sail rips in the waves.

Nate M, Rhode Island

The board arrived today. No shipping damage!

The board looks really nice (’13 RRD WC quad 83) . Not on purpose but this is the first board I have owned that has not been blue, white, gray or some combination of those colors. This bright orange stick is not going to evade notice by my wife. “Do you really need another board?”

Thanks for the great service. I can hardly wait to get this baby on a wave face or even a river swell.

Jay M., Stockton, CA

The MFC fins arrived today.

Thanks very much to Isthmus and yourself for all of the trouble you went to on my behalf.

Lyle T, Melbourne, Australia

Thanks, received my order, everything fits. Rigged my rig, I guess properly for the first time. Did not go surfing, it was 35 miles gusting, too much for me, even though 80 degrees. Love the book as well.
Thanks again.

Uta R - Collinsville, IL

I Got the Cheetah at 1PM and was on the water by 2:30. 80 deg air and 75 water. Wind was a little light for a 6.5 but I had to try. Did better than some people on 7.5's. Great sail, and thanks for getting it to me quickly. Next 2 days looking like stronger wind.
Did I say I love Flor-i-duh.......

Larry F - Palm Bay, FL

Folks at Isthmus, I ordered a 2012 Neil Pryde 5000 5/4/3 wetsuit and that it arrived by FedEx exactly as you said, and that it fit correctly. It's exactly what I expected, and it was a pleasure to talk with you by phone about it, and I particularly appreciate the advice about sizing.
Regards, and thanks!

Bill M. - Benicia, CA

Sail and mast got here this morning. (Severne Blade and Gorilla RDM mast) Looks great. Can't wait to send it through its paces. Thanks again and I will contact you when I sell my smaller ICE's and will be looking for some more sails. Hope things are warming up there like they are here.

Nate from Rhode Island

Thanks for fixing me up with the Chinook Carbon boom and 6.5 GT sail. They work great! I am a happy camper!

Joe Q. - Indianapolis, IN

I continue to be "stoked" when getting out on the water with new equipment. I look forward to the opportunity to try out the new board and sail.

Tom O. – Auburn Hills, MI

Thank you for your expertise and guidance and looking into the delivery location.
Best Regards,

Tom O. - Auburn Hills, MI

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the windsurfing equipment. I've checked it all off against the inventory and we're 100% good. So once again thanks for all your help in fixing me up with so awesome gear!
All the best,

Nick B.- Toronto, Canada

Thanks for the good work... (Coordinating order shipment Phantom 295 and rig)

Doug S. – Tallahassee, Florida

According to the GPS I put 25 miles on her (RRD Firemove 120 LTD) yesterday… Awesome board. The wind was quite very gusty and gust speed varied dramatically but it handled pretty much everything well. Jibes are much better with this machine but still need some work. As you noted the 120 liters feels just like the 130 I used to have; odd but true.

Tristan G. – Austin, TX

Today the board came and it looks perfect. I really appreciate your and Starboard’s support of their customer and product. Again thanks, I can’t wait to get out on it.

Patrick W. - New Bern, NC

I never got my rig out on Lake Winnebago this summer…the algae was so think it was rolling up onto the rocks and pebble beaches…

I did, however, get to check out the harness and boots. I hauled that stuff to Aruba and did my "old man floating around on the water" routine down there. Got about 12 hours of light wind sailing in and used the harness for all but about the first 90 minutes. I had had a minor experience last year with falling and finding myself still hooked in…under water…and it was not pleasant and scared me a little bit. I got over that and had a good time out on the water.

I'm hoping our lake stays clean for longer next summer and am looking forward to getting the rest of my gear wet. I will definitely be coming down during a Spring sale to get a wetsuit so I can get started a little sooner than waiting for the water to warm up.

Anyway, hope you are well and enjoy the upcoming Christmas season!

Ron - Menasha, WI

The board arrived safely today. (Windsup 10 Bamboo). One sweet looking board ! The gloss bamboo is really slick. I can't wait to get it out. Also the Atan shoes fit perfectly...thank you again.

Jeff L. – Holden, MA

I received the gear and look forward to using it when I windsurf in Bonaire. Thank you for your good service and attention. Happy holidays!

Denise B. - La Jolla, CA

Ezzy Cheetah vs. Freerides. I recently received my new Ezzy Cheetah sails and been sailing them and what a big difference they make over my older Freerides. They are Lighter in the hands, faster, more stable and easier to oversheet and roll into turns. You don’t even notice them in the transitions as they come around by themselves and flip so effortlessly. They also allow you to come out of the turns like smoke. I’m not sure how Ezzy did it – but they are incredible sails and a big improvement difference from the past generation Freerides I loved. Dave J, Chadsford, PA

Thanks for the careful instructions. I’m excited to get the board. Isthmus has always packed things wonderfully well, and everything you’ve sent has always arrived in perfect shape. Still, I’ll be checking this one carefully.

Michael B. – Dublin, OH

Just wanted to let you know that the SB Ultrasonic 147’s arrived yesterday afternoon to their final destination in perfect condition (not even a small scratch) packing was perfect. We’ll be trying them this weekend. Thanks for your help.
Best regards

Dirk S. – MO/ FL / Bermuda

We I still love my RRD freestyle wave boards that we bought from you over the last several years. My wife’s comment last summer after one particularly good session summed it up. “Why couldn’t we have boards like these 30 years ago. Learning to gybe would have been so much easier!”

Mark S. - Palo Alto, CA

I want to tell you how much we’ve enjoyed the board (Starboard Ultrasonic 147) already. It arrived Friday and we had awesome sessions on Saturday and Sunday with relatively light wind! So psyched! Thank you! It’s an awesome board – light, fast and surprisingly maneuverable for its size.

Nick from Sammamish, WA

Got the stuff! Love you guys!!! If you were in NC I'd totally take you out for drinks!

Victor from Norwalk, CT

I took delivery of my Phantom 377 as scheduled. Needless to say, packaging was superb and the board arrived in mint condition, all bits and pieces are complete and all accessories were complete. By the way, Jon, the dakine bag fits the board very nicely.

Thank you very much for your help and input.

Best regards,
Jorge from Mexico

I keep coming back because of the advice. It just feels good… The RRD 96L FSW LTD is a beautiful ride and playful in the rollers.

Thanks to you and your Team!

Gregg A - Rochester MN

Received the gear today! Awesome DHL! (Ezzy sail and Mast) Very happy with everything!
Thanks again for your help and expertise.
Kind regards

Matt T. - Australia

The new Starboard UltraSonic along with the kids rig showed up right on time Friday afternoon... Very responsive fun board and perfect light wind board! … Thanks for your recommendations and service. You guys are great!

Dave W, - Marion, IA

Many thanks. You guys are the best!

I received my board (windsup 11’8”) it, gonna try to windsurf it today (w/ new NP rig)... I have been suping it around the harbor. Thanks ;)

Troy P - CA

I'm enjoying my Kona and Ezzys. Nice setup.

Rick S, McKinney TX

The Kona has absolutely met my expectations: Having fun on Lake Michigan swell/surf during gusty planning/non-planning conditions; SUP when the wind is dead; teenager friendly for my kids. Thanks for steering me towards this…

Bill M, Racine, WI

FSW is sweet! (’12 RRD 90 FSW LTD) Amazingly comfortable and Easy to sail! It blew 20-25 mph. I was fully powered on a 6.0… Very smooth and very fast. I had never sailed a board that small and had struggled on the old Carve 101 I have. But this board was easy. … I'm really psyched to get out there again on the FSW. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.

Jon F., VA

I have just received the Dakine T5 Waist Harness in the mail. Thank you very much for the quick response and service.

Thomas R., Philadelphia PA

Thank you for the personal attention and for being the best shop in the windsurfing business. Thank you again for making it so easy to buy my new WindSUP.

Sam from Ohio

Love the RRD Wave Twin90. It felt slow at first, but was still holding the same speed versus other guys out there. It's just so plush. Turning and waves are great. Haven't jumped it much yet but did land one of the bigger port tack jumps I have ever had (I am much better on starboard for jumps).

Thanks, Ted H, Saunderstown, RI

Thanks again for all the help and instruction today. Though I've been an occasional windsurfer since 2001 I have never once had to rig or tune up the gear…so I was a tad apprehensive. But..I'm confident I can get it all together now.

Thanks again for all the help and the deal on the booties…

Have a great weekend!
Ron M – Menasha, WI (Kona one w/ GT sail rig pkg)

I just want to share that I’m having so much fun on the RRD FireMove 110. Thanks for the board recommendation and talking me into the 110 size. Amazed at how the volume disappears once you’re planing and how comfortable it is in all kinds of choppy conditions!

Tom - VT

The board (Kona-One) arrived without issue. Tried it out yesterday... Everything worked together very nicely.

Thanks for all of your guidance and suggestions.

Best regards
Rick S, McKinney, TX.

I went and got the stick (Kona-One) yesterday evening. Looks Great! I can’t wait to take it out for some lessons with some GF’s Sunday!

Thanks much for the help on this! It actually came the Monday of the following week, so even a few days early, thanks so much for the rush on it all.

Happy weekend!
Timo W, Mpls, MN

I am sure warranty problems are quite an ordeal from your end in those rare occurrences when they happen. You have been patient with me, and I know you did everything you could to get this solved quickly. You haven't lost me as a customer, and I am sure I will be buying from you again. If anything getting this thing turned around as you did today is the kind of customer experience worth a recommendation.
Thanks again,


Ok. Thanks Jon. BTW, I got out on a Kona Saturday. What a nice board!


Thanks a bunch for your help! Nice doing business with you ...again! (Cross 84 Pro)

Dan - Hawaii.

We were able to sail our new board today and we were both impressed! I sailed with a 4.0 and Jay was on a 4.6. We loved its stability and how well it handled in the swell/chop it was like a surf board. Thank you again. Go team RRD!

Jay and Lisa, Montrose, CO

Thanks for the good news. I always like new for a discounted price. Let me have a couple of days to digest the details and make sure I'm not missing something. I really appreciate your insight and suggestions.

Thanks Rick - Scottsdale AZ

We received the RRD yesterday and it looks great. Even though the box had some places where it was dented in, the board was not damaged in the least. We are on our way to Rio Vista and are excited to get a chance to use it. Thank you for working with us.

Jay and Lisa

Thanks, bag size was perfect and looks great.


Thank you so much Jon. You're my guru. Mastfoot came back today. It looks perfect. Thank you so much.


Thanks …always appreciate the customer service you all provide.


Got the part today. That's the one! Thanks for your help


Thank you for working with us. We are looking forward to getting the board and using it in Rio Vista. I have also received the tracking numbers. Lisa

Thanks Jon. Nice doing business with you. May we be blessed with lots of wind and water...

-Wayne – St. George, UT

I took delivery today, and everything was OK. I was very impressed with the double packaging, and am very pleased with everything.

Now I just need some wind! I bought this board primarily for Lake Lopez, so may have to wait a couple of weeks to try it out. Thank you again


You did a great job taking me through the options. Thanks to you and your entire team.
All the best,

Bill from Racine, Wisconsin

I took delivery today, and everything was OK. I was very impressed with the double packaging, and am very pleased with everything. Now I just need some wind!
Thank you again.

Andrew from Newbury Park, Ca.

I am really enjoying the Longrider that you sold to me. Thanks again for the suggestion.
Your help is appreciated,

Mark M – Wilmette. IL

I bought my first Ezzy sail a year ago and absolutely love the sail. It was a FR5. After 20 years of windsurfing, I believe it is the best sail I’ve ever had. Easy to rig, great performance and quality! As a result I just ordered 2 more sizes.

Gerald M, - Thomasville, GA

Thank you. Sure appreciate all your help!

Stephanie (Kona One purchase)

The board (SB futura 133 carbon) is faster than pizza through a dog. I haven’t gotten the turning thing figured out yet. As you said it is wide board. Part of the issue is that once on a plane, it doesn’t need much to keep it going and I tended to turn on lulls and stalled. So I need to do a better job of figuring the wind.

Don’t love the foot straps, but will give them some more time.

The fin seems great, maybe a little small for 7.0 for me. Spun out a couple of times, but got better, the longer I was on the board.

Overall, I love the board. Feels like it could carry 7.8 easy. I am not so sure about 9.0.

Jeff B. from Alexandria, MN

FYI, Epic bag fits the RRD 108 just right. Thanks for the rec.

I got a chance to ride my 2012 RRD 116 freestyle wave in NC . The board is awesome it feels very similar to my 90 freestyle wave. Normal Rrd quality awesome graphics, footpads, Dakine straps and mfc g10 ready to ride out of box . The board is very smooth and gibes like a dream . Perfect for my 7.0 and 6.2.
Jim from Kitchener, ON.

I got the stuff yesterdag. The stuff is perfect, no damage, right colors, everything seems to be there all the parts etc. Sails from Ezzy absolutely beautiful! I do not understand why so few use these sails. They absolutely outpreforms in quality durability and preformance if you ask me. I have tried all the brands too.
Mauisails are the best booms also. Tried them all , NP, streamlined, Severne enigma, aeron etc. They deliver the best total preformance in a boom. Not perfect but close.
I also talked to David Ezzy, he is usualy honest in his advise. He tels me that the cheetah is noticably better in top speed and preformance to the freeride. I am thinking also to change my freeride 6.0 to Cheetah.

Stian from Oslo, Norway

I did receive the new boom and indeed it is solid on the head joint. Thank you for helping to resolve this issue and sending me the replacement.

It's always been nice doing business with Isthmus!

Anatoly from Santa Fe, NM

Firemove (110 LTD) was the right move!!

Jon F. from Alexandria, VA

My SB UltaraSonic 147 is AWESOME! Yesterday was my first real day of sailing on my new gear. Rigged the 9.5 like a balloon and, with some apprehension (due to an obvious lack of wind) I plunged into a warm Pacific bay. After 30 seconds I was struck by how the board just wanted to go. There were zero white caps, not one across the whole bay, and wind from 8 to 9 knots, but I was burning fully and consistently powered up, with lulls largely ignored by the rig and board. Even the stoutest chop was not a problem for the board. The rig and board combo worked perfectly and after 2 hours my previous rule book on what was possible on a windsurf had been rewritten, at least with a substantial widening of the wind range when fun is easily obtainable. Clearly the pilot needs to improve, but board and rig are as good as it gets for me.

Up until yesterday I would look at this same bay and watch the fickle wind for 5 minutes and walk away. Now I am aware that even with the lightest breeze I can get out there and have a real blast.

So, never believe the hype, but in the case of the US 147, the hype seems pretty much on the money.


Andrew H. from San Jose, Costa Rica

I replaced my JP superX 115 and Retro 6.0 with a JP All Ride 116 and an Ezzy freeride 7.0m2. The footstraps are absolutely perfect and the wider tail makes it easy to get my big back foot in. The board is as fast as a race board and it pops up like a much bigger board. I think this is the most fun I have ever had with new stuff.

Bob from Harvard, IL

Thank you so much for hooking me up with Derrick(HPL), he has the parts and is even going to drill a little hole and thread a string through so I just have to lift the tab and pull the loop, I guess it's the little things in life that sometimes rock my world.

Anyway, thanks for always being so helpful, I truly appreciate it.


Kelly F. from St. Paul, MN

I had an awesome Monday on the Hudson. Sailed 4.7 and the new freestyle wave 91. Sweet board, carves beautifully through jibes and in the chop. Has become my new favorite board.

Thanks for your good advice!

Hardie T from – New Paltz, NY

DaKine sent me a new pair of XS gloves. Thank you again for all you did to facilitate this replacement in the right size.

Your customer service is great!

Patty S. from Sanibel, FL

Last year I bought with your help a 101L Futura (Technora) that you did ship to San Diego. I am having a great time with that board. …I hope that you have had a great winter and I hope you will enjoy a wonderful windy summer !
Best wishes,
Luis S. – Brazil

Just wanted to say the board (RRD fsw 91) came through intact. Looks great and can't wait to use it.

Hardie T from – New Paltz, NY

Thanks for the gear.... it arrived last night

Looks great!

Keith from Hilton Head Island, SC

Thanks for getting my order out the door so fast. I really appreciate how you guys have taken care of me both with this order and the one before. Can’t wait to get on the water!!
Steve from Lockport, NY

The sails arrived today in Bonaire. They look very nice, We had and will have strong winds the next days, so we can use the new sails only later. Maybe I will use the 5.0 for Ruth tomorrow.
Everything worked very well and we will tell all our friends about this.
Thank you very much and best regards
Raimund & Ruth from Switzerland

I received my order and love my new sail (Ezzy FR5 5.5).
Sherry from Ft. Myers, FL

Just wanted thank you for the great service, all items have now arrived. ( Ezzy Cheetah sails and mast )

I intend to purchase some more items in the near future.

Thanks again!

Ian from Victoria, Australia

Thanks for all the info on our phone call today!! Extremely helpful stuff!!! Looking forward to the (RRD) Firemove 110. Can’t wait to get out there and rip up the water with it!!

Paul M from Wakefield, MA


Kevin R from Billings, MT

You have certainly gone above and beyond for me. I appreciate the service!

Patty from Sanibel, FL

Thanks for sorting this with such short notice. It really is very much appreciated. (Star Board Ultrasonic shipment). Board arrived perfect and right on schedule.

Andy from San Jose, Costa Rica

Just writing to let you know the board (JP Freestylewave) is here, and in excellent shape.

Thanks for the great service. Here's wishing you a windy twenty twelve!

Mark from Rio Vista CA

Thank you for all your help as well as clearing up the confusion. You epitomize customer service...I WILL be a return customer!
Mike from Bridgetown, Barbados

Thank you very much. I eagerly await my new gear and it was great doing business with you. Thank you for all your efforts to find the most cost effective way to ship the equipment. I WILL be a return customer!!
Take care,
Mike from Barbados

Got the sail!!! (9.5m2 Ezzy Infinity) WOAAAAAAHH! Amazing quality.
Thank you.
Rick from Houston Texas.

Thanks for the awesome customer service yesterday. You were very helpful and knowledgable about the product discussed. (Neil Pryde Elite II wetsuit)
Thanks again,
Nick from Oklahoma City

Hey guys thanks for the quick shipment! I ordered that Dakine T4 harness and all those other random things from you (I was at like $200 and just wanted to get the total to 250 so I got that free shipping). Anyway, thanks again for the speedy delivery. I'm so excited that I have this new harness to try out for the weekend, and the winds are supposed to be good tomorrow!
Matt from Charleston, SC

Thanks for the upgrade. Sorry you had to do it, but I can always rely on Isthmus to make things work out.
Thanks again,
Johnny R. – New York, N.Y.

I had the chance to try out the new JP SuperLightWind this weekend. It was blowing 12-15mph with some gusts to 18. I started with my 9.8 but switched to the 8.5… It is a wonderful board and even better than I expected. I didn't miss a gybe in 2 hrs of sailing and it was very easy to turn. … The board handles the chop very well and never felt uncontrollable at high speeds and during the gusts. Bottom line, I had a ball out there and can't wait to go for another sail.
Thanks again for the great service.
Don S. – Au Gres, MI

Finally the Ezzy Panther arrived ok in Uruguay and went to the water this weekend, I am enclosing some pictures
Thanks for everything, it is a great sail!
Pablo – from Uruguay

Received my Kode 103 last week, and had it out today on Rowleys Bay up in Door County in 25Kt South Winds. An amazing board and a joy to ride—even the cormorants did a double take when I whipped by!
Thanks for the help
Nick A. – Ellison Bay, WI

So far, I had a really good experience and appreciate the excellent customer support from you guys at Isthmus, so I'm looking forward to getting back to you when the time is ripe.

Matthias – S.F. California

I picked up my FireRide today and everything was fine - the board looks great! I set it up today and should be on it tomorrow.
Thanks again,
Jerry B – Bloomington, MN

I received the shipment this past Saturday. I enjoyed doing business with your company and expect I'll be in touch in the next month or so to see about purchasing a 7.5 sail.
Richard M – Hawaii

I've been purchasing stuff from Isthmus for years, always a pleasure.
Jon W. – New York

I really appreciate your work to help me. Thank you so much. This is very helpful.
JC from Jackson, Mississippi

The fin came today…It fits…I intend to try it out this weekend.
Thanks for your help and sage advice.
Jim R. from Cincinnati Ohio

Isthmus – thanks for the help today – I ordered the medium Rio package and will probably get the larger rig a bit later
Ray L. from Arizona

Thanks for the info, I Really appreciate your help and effort on this order. Will be back in your shop for sure.
Thanks again.
Wojciech from Weston, FL

Ordered my new RRD FireRide board on Monday and was on the water this afternoon –Wednesday!
What great service and shipping.
Thanks for your help picking the right board. Looks great.
Rob N from New York

Isthmus Staff helped me yesterday with advice on rebuilding my uj (over the phone). It worked out quite well. Thank you. It was a real customer benefit for me.
Peter O. from Houston, TX

The new 2012 Ezzy Wave Panther LTD sail is just amazing and in combination with the Hookipa mast and the Streamlined Carbon Boom constitute the best rig I've ever used, by far!!! Nice doing business with you.
Christos from Cyprus

I had the RRD FireMove 110 LTD out all day yesterday and was extremely impressed! I used a 7.5 in the am and then a 6.5 in the afternoon. Fun board and extremely quick. Easy to uphaul also.
Matt D. from Madison, WI

Hi, I purchased the DaKine Rapid Transit Bag from you earlier this year and I absolutely love it. It has greatly simplified getting my gear from my city condo to the car.
David from Chicago, Il.

The board (RRD Fireride 145) and goodies has already arrived. I've found everything to be in order and in perfect condition. Not a mark on the board or any of the contents.
On to the board ...... Thank you so much for having me lean towards the 145. One quick look and I knew that this was the correct choice. The 155 would have not been what I was looking for. You were very correct in directing me to the 145 and I thank you for that ......
And what a BEAUTIFUL board it is ....Now please let the wind blow soon .....
Thank you very much for all your help. You do your job well and it counts ...... I will always check with you first before I buy any equipment that I need.
One very happy " new " customer ..
Thank You!
Marty from Liverpool, NY.

Board is great Jon.
Lawrence in Bermuda

Thanks much, Isthmus! So far the Bic Beaches have been a big hit at the club.
Rich P from Madison, WI

I am impressed. The board and sail all arrived today. I know you said 1 or 2 days, but this is amazing. I can't wait to try it out this weekend.
Evan from Marshfield, Wi.

The Infinity arrived Friday, just in time for use on the weekend. We had perfect, for Seattle, conditions to try it out on Saturday. The wind was from 8 to 10 mph so I rigged the Infinity for light winds and managed to plane during the 10 to 12 mph gusts on my Kona One, very powerful. For a cammed sail, it is incredibly light and easy to uphaul and handle.
Thanks again.
Jim from Seattle

That mast foot you built works great! Thanks so much for your help.
Gordon from Columbus, Ohio

We always sing the praises of your business for the excellent customer service you give. You ought to open a shop in Traverse City, Michigan- it would be a huge hit!
Best regards - Alan

Great, thank you very much for your excellent help and support...You have been great to work with !!! I shall return !!!
Sincerely, Michael from Southlake, Texas

I tried out my new board (JP Superlight Wind) and really love it. As you said I would be, I was planing in 10-15 mph winds with the 8.5 sail. I took it out yesterday in 20 mph winds with a 6.5 sail – I went so fast that my arms and legs were shaking after one run. Thanks for your help in picking out this board / rig!
Tom from Iowa

Thank you for the excellent, extraordinary service. I would not hesitate to recommend Isthmus to anyone looking for windsurfing gear with competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Isthmus customer service went way beyond what anyone could have expected,and I do truly appreciate your assistance.
Clyde from Sacramento, CA.

Thanks for the advice on not going out at Sheboygan yesterday. I did however get a chance to get out on Lake Andrea on the way home and just loved the board.(RRD Freestyle Wave 111 LTD) It is the perfect size for me. I can eaisly waterstart with it and even uphaul with it durring lulls if necessary. It handled like a dream compared to my old board. The wetsuit worked great too no problems with in the neck, it is a perfect fit. (Neil Pryde Elite II) I couldn't believe how warm the bamboo sections of the suit are, it just work great.
Brian from Palatine, Illinois

Boards got here this morning. They were both in good shape and look great. Excellent job packing and very efficient delivery.
Thanks for everything.
Scott from Hood River, Oregon

I used the Kona on Saturday and I still have a smile on my face.....thank you very much!!!
Ricardo from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The GT mast arrived today by noon. That is crazy fast! 36 hours from Madison to San Jose, CA? Really?
Thank you,
Dirk from San Jose, CA

I’m loving the kode 112 more and more. Jumps JUMPS JUMPS. It has turned freeride seshes into b&j.
Thanks, Ralph from Greensboro, NC

Just wanted to let you know that I got the kona one out with the ezzy freeride 8.5 rig package in light winds today. What a combo! I wasn't once worried about being able to outsail the tide and make it back to my launch. I can tell it will be a great platform for exploring the islands here in Maine.
Best, Jesse

Thanks for the gear. It came as scheduled, no damage. It's a great board! The day it arrived the winds were blowing 25 at Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. Jump, bump, cut back on the swell. It's a blast.
Thanks again.
Murray from Berkeley, CA

I wore the wetsuit gear today to try it out. The water was really cold but I didn't notice at all. Awesome! My wife will be giving you a call this week to talk about wetsuits.
Thanks for your help!
Paul from Altoona, IA

Thanks again, you guys rock.
Nicolas from Alameda, Ca.

Thank you for the prompt service. My next purchase will be a sail of the 6.5 range. Again thank you for all of your help and quick response.

Yi from Aurora Colorado

Thanks so much and appreciate all of your help and excellent advice! Our kids are totally psyched (and of course I am too.)
Jenny from Madison, Wisconsin

Thank you again for all of you help when we stopped by the other day. I deal with over 150 boardsport/outdoor/ski/snow retailers for my business and I have to say the customer service you and your employees provided to us was outstanding. It was very refreshing meeting someone who obviously has deep passion for what they sell!!
Scott from Madison, Wisconsin

Awesome!!! Thank You for all your effort. I will shop with you again if I need anything :)
Steve from Cocoa Beach, Florida

John was immensely helpful. His technical depth and experience matched my needs.
Ed from Massachusetts

Everything arrived as planned. Thank you for all your help. Isthmus windsurfing now has one more brazilian customer. Enjoy your summer and good winds,
Luis from Brazil

Fins showed up today....thanks for all your support.
Now I know where I will look first for paddle board/sailboard needs.
Don from California

Thanks for another great experience ordering a board from you. Saturday was wonderful warm SW which is the perfect direction at my local lake- I was on the Kode (Starboard Kode 112) all day with the Zephyr 7.5m2.
Ralph from Greensboro NC

The gear bag is terrific. Now I can place more gear on my roof which allows me to take my smaller car and reduce my carbon foot print. I now also will have room for my wife in the car! Thanks for the quick delivery.
Dave from Pennsylvania

I'm going to place the order for the 112 online. Thanks for the input and great service.
Mark from Colorado

Thanks for your help. That goes a long way, especially when I can personally refer friends to a shop with great customer service.

Thanks for the help with the order. You and your team are just wonderful people to work with.
Mark, California

The Enduro fins you recommended are perfect. (for my RRD FireRide 135 twin)
Mike from Guam

I have just received my masts and it all looks good. Thanks for the help in getting these shipped so promptly.
Thanks again,
Dale, Australia

I've been an "all Isthmus" sailor for years. Thought you might enjoy a pic of me enjoying some of your gear on a nice October day: Quatro Freemove 140L board; Ezzy Infinity 6.6m2 sail; and NP 3000 E1 4/3 wetsuit. Priceless!
Webb, Kansas

Thank you very much for your help with this order. I appreciate the time you have spent.
Dale, Australia

I received the sail today, all good from my end, great service thanks very much!
Heath, Australia

Lake Erie was just the kind of windy, big wave and messy chop that inspired me to get the RRD Wave Cult in the first place and the booard was just wonderful.

Just to let you know the board (RRD Wave Cult 85) arrived in perfect condition. It looks great and I think it is just the tool I need to deal with those wacked out wavey Great Lake days of 25+, besides it looks cool too! Thanks for your all your help.

I'm very, very impressed with the EZZY Infinity.....and I haven't even used it! The attention to engineering, detail and what appears to be superior workmanship is very impressive.

Just wanted to thank you for the time you took with me to patiently explain the process needed to convert my old Mistral mast extension to the recently purchased Chinook. I give you and Isthmus high marks for customer service. Thanks again for your advice and patience.

Thank you, the new booties are perfect! The size is exactly right. Thank you for all your help.

You guys do business the right way and that’s why I keep buying from Isthmus.

Just wanted to thank you, I am already in Mexico with my two awesome boards and already sailed the 100 lt RRD. It is great.
Thanks again

Got the dry suit and booties Monday. Both fit great. The booties really feel good. Thanks for the help.

Thank You very much for the Starboard Rio complete package. I am going to try it this weekend. Thank you for the time you gave me to answer all my questions.

Now that's an email.....
I think I learned more in that one email than all summer trying to figure out what I want.....
Will definitely be in touch.
Jay R.

Finally able to get out on the new RRD Freestyle Wave board. Big day, fully powered on a 4.7. It was just wonderful...just as awesome as you said it would be.

Please let Joel and John know that the smaller sail is working great. I am having tons of fun with it.

Hey guys just wanted to let you know I got my gorgeous new JP today! I freaking love it!
Thanks for a smooth and professional transaction, as well as investing the time to talk to me and advise me on board selections. I hope to buy more stuff from you in the future, and believe me I will recommend you to all my buddies ... for real thanks for everything.

Just wanted to praise Gary and Jon’s customer service and shipping skills. I ordered a board and rig with their help. It arrived in Anchorage, Alaska two days before they said it would. Getting the rig up here in eight days puts them in the miracle class in my book. I appreciated their extensive experience on the water in answering my pre purchase questions and their flexibility and knowledge as they shipped it to me.
Jon and Gary, Good on ya. It was a pleasure working with you.

Hi Jon,
Just wanted to let you know that everybody seems to really like the GT1 sails. They are quite light and handle very nicely in heavy air.

Hi Gary,
Well I've taken the new board out (RRD Fireride Twin 135) 4 times so far (in 6.6-7.7 conditions), and as I'm tweaking it everytime it gets more fun and faster, clocking 25mph despite the East Bay chop. It is a very forgiving board although my calves are going to have to adjust to the extra railing effort this width requires. This board also makes me a lot more confident with jumps, and I find myself enjoying steep ramps rather than avoiding them. Moreover, it has been very hard to spin the fins out, only happened to me in a couple of chop-hops in overpowering gusts on my 7.7 sail, and recovery was immediate with almost no action on my part. I'm really happy with this board and I feel it'll get the best out of me!

Hi Jon!
Just want you to know that my daughter, her boyfriend, and I got out to Warner Beach 3 times last weekend, and had loads of fun in light to medium winds. We used both the new RRD Easyride board, and (finally) my new Ezzy Freeride 3 sail. Both performed above my expectations.
The RRD board was the perfect size, volume and set-up for our range of abilities. The college kids (beginners) made significant progress in their uphauling and sailing skills, which allowed their confidence to grow. I enjoyed sailing on the RRD as well.
I must say that the Ezzy sail amazed me with how much improvement has been made in sail technology. The rigging was easy (after watching David Ezzy do it on their website video), and the wind range thanks to the variable downhaul was very impressive. The ease with which it handles, given its fairly large (7.0) size, was amazing to me. Overall we had a great time and really enjoyed the gear that you recommended.
Thanks again for all the help you always provide, so expertly, and so patiently Jon.

Gary, Dirk,
Thank you for the “great service” – just delivered! Day and half – awesome. Best regards,

Dear Gary,
Thanks very much for your follow up and great service.

Thank you for your patience, professionalism, instruction-explanation, and quick delivery. Please forward this to your owner or Mr. Isthmus himself ;-) so that person knows I am a new convert to your company because of you.

Just a quick note to say thanks, the board is going great, a good choice for what I was after. Many thanks for your advice.

The 9.5 Ezzy Freeride 4 has proven to be an excellent light wind performer. Works great with both a Formula Board and large Freeriders. I have been mostly impressed by the low end power and the range at the upper end. With adjustable outhaul tuning, I can sail from 9mph winds up to 20 quite comfortably. And compared to cambered race sails, it is a dream in transitions and to rig/derig. My big race sails are going to start collecting dust! Thanks for encouraging/working with Dave Ezzy to bring this size/design to the market.

Hi Gary,
I bought a 82L 09 RRD Wave Twin from isthmus a couple off weeks ago. I just road tested it at San Carlos in surf that was 2ft overhead at times and 5.2-5.8 conditions As advertised, you just can't unstick the board from the wave face or on a bottom turn - spin outs are a thing of the past ( though you can controllably slide the tail if you want). Blasting off the wind at the bowl, when you are hitting mach 10 to race the close out section always seemed to result in some sketchy sideways action on my old Wave Cults, but the wave-twin just grips and goes.. A great board.

I just wanted to thank you for the effort made in helping me get that broken ezzy mast replaced. Tim shipped a bottom section out yesterday afternoon. Isthmus has always done good by me and I'm glad the tradition continues.

Hi Gary,
I have been windsurfing for 15 years at home in Brittany, (a great place for wave sailing if you ever pass by !) used lots of gear, dealt with many shops...and I have not yet found a shop like yours with so much stock, always happy to give advice, never trying to sell me things that I don't really need just to get some extra $...Isthmus is a killer shop !!! And I don't say that just to be nice !!!!

Have a great week-end and thanks again for your advices. (I will miss your shop when I move back to Europe
(-: !) All the best,

Just letting you know we got the 3 boards and the boxes of gear you sent.(7 packages) Everything looks fantastic!

Hi Gary,
My new GT sails 7.5m2 GT1 Freeride sail
What a sail....... It far exceeded my expectations. Lively, nimble, dynamic, surprising wind range, stable. I could go on for ages coming up with new words to describe it. Gusts .... What gusts..... The thing just accelerated & kept on going. I was waiting for the top end.... You know that horrible point where you know you have picked the wrong sail...But it didn't come, the bigger the gust the faster I went (I didn't know my "big" board could go that fast)
At one point a squall came through, probably gusting nearly 25 knots, The sail just twisted off & dumped the excess & I went faster still. I know I am ranting now, but I can't stop myself. I am still smiling like a split watermelon.

I can not wait for my first jibe on this sail!
Mucho mahalo, Gary, for digging up a sail that was in the system, but not on the web. Red is sailable. Green has right-of-way! And thank you Dirk for making it happen with some kind of odd-ball money order [doing that saved me a 20-mile round-trip to the bank in Rio Vista, in case you are interested]
May the fine crew of Isthmus Sailboards have a windy, windy year!


Thanks for all of your hard work on our order and all the time spent with us answering questions and figuring out gear. You have been a pleasure to work with on this order. We will tell our friends where we got the merchandise.

Excellent! Thank you so much for everything. Can't wait to see these boards in person.

Just wanted to let you know the masts arrived yesterday, safe and sound. Thanks for the quick ship!.

I just got back from Bird Island (Padre Island, Tx) and had a chance to use my new Ezzy Freeride 4 sails- 6.0 7.0 and 8.5. I’ve been using nothing but race sails for 15 years and for me, this is the way to go. The Ezzy Freeride has much more low end power than a comparable race sail and surprisingly, in the largest gusts the draft didn’t move. The top just bled off and as I went faster. The kicker to me was about a third less rigging time and much easier water-starting and up-hauling. My 120lb girlfriend had a blast using the 7.0 in lighter winds and was easily able to clear the sail for waterstarts.
Mark S.

Thanks for the board bag recommendation. I got the Dakine board bag (VERY NICE) today and the board fits great inside the bag, the extra length is fine since I store the board vertical in my garage I can put an extra layer of foam inside the board bag to protect the tail of the board. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Thank you again. I am so stoked about this board. I know it has taken a lot of effort to make it happen for me, and I truly appreciate it.

Thanks as always. Isthmus sailboards is a uniquely helpful organization. Everyone should buy from you.
Best, Mike

Thank you for all of the help confirming the details of the order I really apreciate the customer service.

Hello Dirk, Just wanted let you know that my Hobie SUP package and Epic SUP bag arrived yesterday afternoon. All items ordered were received intact. Big THANK YOU to the folks at Isthmus for everything: consultation on board selection and gear picks, very good packaging for shipping and friendly service.

Maiden voyage today on the Potomac River in Washington, DC. Thanks again for your help and great customer service. Have a relaxing summer!

My board, boom and everything else got here Tue afternoon. The board looks great and I think will work really well for light wind freestyle with a small sail. I'm also eager to take it out with my 8.0 and 10.0 Retros and get planning.

Thank you for paying attention to not only the big items but the little ones like the cleats and fin screws. Gary said he couldn't get the cleats for me so I appreciate the extra effort you made. The MFC fin is just what I wanted too.

Thanks for the personal service that went above and beyond what most dealers would have provided.

As always everything was ok and right on time. Thanks for your excelent service.
Best regards,

Dear Mr. Stone,
I’m writing to you today to bring an outstanding member of the Isthmus Sailboard staff to your attention.

Jon Massmann, has consistently demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of product and in particular, provided a thorough understanding of Stand Up Paddleboarding to myself and my family.

As a result, we are again, happy, educated and satisfied customers of Isthmus Sailboards and intend on being customers for life.

We commend you Mr. Stone for hiring such a top-notch professional as Jon to take care of us and our most important recreational needs…..SUP!
Kind Regards,
Christopher & Cheryl

Thanks for being easy to deal with. You are very responsive and accommodating. I will order from you again. Good customer service is readily forgotten about these days with online ordering.

Hi Gary, Thanks for the prompt delivery. The gear looks great. I am very happy.

Dirk, Gary, The 2008 RRD Freestyle Wave LTD 95 just arrived. No issue during shipping. The board looks great. I can't wait to ride it. I'll send you a report after I ride it in June at Duck, NC (Outer Banks). Thank you for a great service.

Dirk, All my gear came today. The driver was very courteous and actually helped me to unpack the stuff. Thanks for your help and I can't wait to get this stuff in the water!!!! Cheers,

Gary, Thank you so much for spending all this time with me on the phone and e-mail. I greatly appreciate it!

Gary, Wanted to say Thanx for the order you placed for me recently. Not only is the stuff exceptional - but how Isthmus handled the order was great. I've never seen such good packing. I look forward to continued business in the future.

Hi, Thanks for the fast service, I will see you for my next windsurf needs.....

Gary, As always, it's a real pleasure doing business with you all.

Hi Jon -- Picked up the board yesterday and had a great session at Bodega Bay. What a sweet ride! Thanks for your help.

Hi Gary, Dirk and Jon--Just wanted to follow up my recent order with a heavy THANK YOU!!! absolutely amazing--- I ordered my board on Friday at noon and wow MONDAY, 8 a.m. the freight co. called. despite the holiday wkend, i had my board monday afternoon! absolutely awesome service. The board was in perfect shape, and the DB Schenker guys even forwarded it to the nearby warehouse. They were totally pro, the guy even wanted to help load it in the car. Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks alot for all of your professionalism in keeping the stoke alive!!!

I received my order today and everything looks great! Thanks for the exceptional service! Best Regards,

The boards came in perfect condition. Can't wait to try them!!!...

Hello Isthmus, Just a quick note to let you know I got the RRD-90 yesterday in great shape-not a mark on the shipping boxes. As always thank you for the great service.

I got the shipment and used the boom yesterday. Thanks so much for taking care of this so quickly and easily. I have bought stuff from you guys before and taking care of customers like this will make me buy all future gear from you guys!

Also, those dvds are great, highly recommend Peter Hart.
Thanks again,

Board arrived today, complete and in perfect condition. Packing was effective. Delivery was fast. Thanks Jon and Gary for your support and service. Can't wait for tomorrow and the wind is Blowing!

Thank you (and Isthmus) for helping me rig up again this year.

Hi Gary - I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help and your patience in answering my questions over the phone. My Starboard SUP arrived safely and I have had it out a few times already. I'll definitely be back to order another board for my wife soon.
Thanks again for all of your help.

Hi Gary, The bag is really nice! fits the board well. Thanks again for all of your help. I'll be back. Regards,

Isthmus, The fin I bought a few weeks ago is fantastic.

Thanks Gary for your detailed info on the 2009 Ezzy Freeride 3 Technora sail. I just placed my order on line for a 7.5 in blue and gray. Its really great knowing where to get expert windsurfing advice and the latest windsurfing gear. Have a great and safe windsurfing season...

Jon - I bought the RRD 145 monocoque aluminum boom from you and love it. Now, of course, I want the 180. Please let me know when they come in.
Thanks, Robert

Dear Clay,
(Clay Feeter from Stand Up Journal)
Just bought a 12' hobie ATR through one of your advertisers-ISTHMUS SAILBOARDS, GREAT price excellent delivery and packing, highly recommended.
Regards, Tony

Jon, I had a chance to sail the RRD FSW90 this past weekend with my 6.2. Loved it. Comfortable and fun. Might add a bigger fin soon, but it was nice and loose with the 25cm. Thanks.

Gary, Got my Starboard SUPer yesterday morning. The packaging of the board was once again awesome and all arrived perfectly.

Gary, Thank you very much sir. I'll let you know when we receive the SUP's, and if I need anymore hi-res graphics I will let you know. Hopefully next year at this time we'll be expanding the program! You've been awesome.
Director, Outdoor Recreation
U.S. Army Garrison-Torii Station

Hey Gary! Got the paddle, masts and goodies. Everything is great! Thanks,

Hi Jon, Just wanted to let you know that I am loving the Isonic 111, it's perfect for the start of the season, incredible board, powerful fast, controllable and EASY! Amazing you can win a world cup on this thing. Thank you again for being patient and for the good advice!

Hey Gary, The harness arrived today and it fits great! Can't wait to try it out.
Thanks for the quick ship!

Gary, Wow. Thanks for the details on the Ezzys. You certainly have patience dealing with newbies. I know it makes sense running a business but I appreciate it.

Hi Joel, Gary: UPS Freight just delivered my order - everything was in perfect condition. Thanks. Now, if we can just get the two feet of ice to thaw from Higgins Lake, I'll be able to try it out.
Best Regards, Mike

Thanks. If you want a print of any of my photos , send me the URL. It's on me as gratitude for great service I always received from you guys.

Thanks for all the great support you guys give windsurfing.

Hi Gary, I'm stoked to get my new RRD Freestyle Wave 85. It looks like the perfect shape for me. I like the way you guys pack the boards it's almost impossible to damage in shipping.

Hi Gary, Wow! With a powered 6.5 set at minimum tension, me pushing 200lbs and our typically choppy water; the Enduro 9.75 did not spin out even once in 2 and a half hours of sailing. Very very nice. If I was not going to be forced to use weed fins most of the year I would standardize on the Enduros.
Chris Z.

I got to rig and then sail the 7.5 and 8.5 Ezzy Free(ride)3. AMAZING!!! Probably the best big sail I've ever sailed. Balanced--- Powerful---Smooth in transition. An 8.5 that feels like a 6.5 in handling - but what horsepower! You've got to promote these sails.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with the HPL boom. This new boom is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the fact that you covered the shipping costs for the boom I returned. Nice working with you.

Hi Gary, The last of the "stimulus package" arrived today in Boston: True Ames "snow shovel" and matching "snow suit" (O'Neill shorty). Just need sun glasses, flip flops and I'm ready for Costa Rica! Thanks again for your super efficient customer service.

Dirk, The board has arrived in perfect condition on first inpection. The board is awesome. I appreciate the very sturdy packaging and the quick shipping times. The trucking company also delivered it at the exact time they promised and the driver patiently waited while I unpacked and inspected it. Based on this pleasant experience I hope to do more shopping with you in the future.

Hi Gary, I'm in La Ventana, Baja.... the wind has been great here, unlike Texas- we only sailed 3 days the whole month! I LOVE the new board , (RRD Twin Tip 100) it's so much faster than the old one I had, and it spins really well. I can't say enough good things about it- it really is the perfect board for me- so thank you so much. My vulcans are a lot more consistent and I am almost spocking on it... soon!
Hope all is well,

Thanks so much… you always do a great job when we order from you. Have a great Holiday Season!

Hi Gary, Just to tell you that I got the Ezzy Hood River masts today ( the container took about a month to get to Europe) and they look great. Always a pleasure doing business with Isthmus.
Best Regards

Gary, I had the board delivered, I inspected it and received it. I'm very happy about this purchase, and thank you for following through.

The windy season in Saipan is winter, and Februrary is the peak. Looks like I'm gonna have a lot of fun in light wind!

Gary, I got my packages yesterday and now I'm really pumped! Thanks for the time you spent and the advice you gave to get me to my decision. After seeing the RIO L I'm confident I made the right choice and I'm going to have a hard time waiting until spring!

I know it's your "job" and your business but I could also tell you enjoy what you do. Kelly and Greg both spoke highly of your passion for the sport and how pleased they are in dealing with you and Isthmus. Being in business myself we both know that positive referrals are an indication of performance. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future and maybe we'll meet in Bonaire some day!

Hi Gary, Thank you so much for helping Jack select the right "stuff" He just called and man is he fired up........all his new equipment came today. You guys are the best! He kept telling me how much time you spent with him deciding the right choices and how nice and understanding and passionate you were. Very Cool.

You have the best and easiest web site store. Thanks for the help, I will be using your store a great deal in the future.

Jon, Thanks again for all the help with the gear. I really appreciate the time you spent with me. You definitely helped make it a great weekend.

I was out sailing on Lake Geneva on Saturday. The temperature was 34 degrees and 27 with the wind chill. I was absolutely comfortable. Thanks Again,

Thanks Jon for your help! The mast and boom are beauties!!! My daughter and I assembled the outhaul today and are ready to sail!
Joe Q.

Hello, Finally had a chance to ride the '08 RRD X-Fire I purchased from you. What a fantastic board. The easist slalom board I've ever ridden, by far!!! Tons of fun!! Used it in a super powered 5.5 conditon at Port Kelley (Gorge).

Gary, I wanted to thank you again for helping me select the Kona One and Ezzy Freeride sail quiver last spring. I got a fair amount of sailing in this past summer and was only skunked once. The Kona is a vast improvement over the last longboard I sailed back in the late '80s and the improvement in sails, booms and masts is amazing.

Thank you Mr. Stone, I received my RRD 360, sail, and etc. today. It was all in perfect shape. Wow! It is all very nice! We can't wait to use it. We need to get some wetsuits next.

Hope to do much business in the future. We plan on a second board and new sail this summer.

Guys, I’ve been a loyal customer for well over a decade and have often thought about emailing, but never quite got around to it. This time is different. I bought one of your deeply discounted ’07 Quatro Freemove boards, a 140, a little over a month ago from Jon. This was in spite of mediocre reviews in Wind Surfing, due mainly to its less than stellar early planing and speed. The review did say, however, that it was the first board testers ran to when the wind picked up. Both characteristics were attributed to the fact that it essentially is a ginormous wave board. I figured it would be good for our typically gusty conditions, and was I ever right! I sailed it with a 7.5 for the second time on Saturday (see below), and it was awesome! It handled like a dream; I never felt over-boarded for a minute! So thanks for the killer deal on such a killer board. (I did go to smaller gear on Sunday).

BTW, Wigger is a primitive group camp area at Pomona Lake (southwest of Lawrence, KS), that a group of 35-40 Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka windsurfers reserves for our exclusive use every weekend from late spring through early fall. It’s a great place to launch and sail on anything from the south or west. Nabil J. and his brother were the two kiters boosting 20 foot jumps on Sunday. There’s no bad blood between windsurfers and kiters in Kansas.

Thanks for always carrying great gear and giving good advice (Jon said the ideal sail for my Quatro would be a 7.5).

Thanks for your prompt note and shipping details. I will definitely consider Isthmus again for my windsurfing needs.

Gary, Glad I can trust you, there are many more things to buy from Isthmus on my wish list. Hopefully, a second new board for the Mrs. in the spring and a new Ezzy for me, etc. Of all the windsurfer sites, you have always been most helpful in answering questions and prompt replies. Thank you,

Subject: Re: streamlined boom head front boom tube shims to Guam
Hi Gary, I received the shims, and they fit perfect. Awesome service sir. Thank You,
Mike T

Gary, Windsurfing is just very special to me – and I am thankful to have a helpful “big brother.” thanks.

Dear Gary and Jon, It is absolutely amazing that over a great distance you were able to completely satisfy all of my particulars pertaining to the rig which I had recently purchased from you. Everyone in your store was extremely helpful and I am most grateful.
Dr A. from Long Island New York

Excellent, Thanks!
I tried to do business with another online windsurfing source, but it hasn't been going so well. I think you've just earned my business. Thanks again!

Gary, The board and sails arrived this week and look great. At one point, I wondered whether I should be buying used gear without seeing it first. However, I have been working with you for a couple of years, have found you to be very fair and reputable, and decided I didn't have anything to worry about. This delivery underscores that confidence. I'm looking forward to getting out on the water in the next couple weeks to test them out.

Hi Jon, You are the Greatest! I received my new beautiful sail and mast today! Now I am ready to play with the big winds :) Thanks for your promptness in this matter, you made my day!

I have everything (masts, fin, straps). If you look at your records, you'll see i'm a repeat customer for many years (even though i live in Houston). The reason is your great service...thanks.

I wanted to say a big 'thank you' to Dirk for taking a very significant amount of time helping me decide on an ideal windsurfing package to match my current skill level and desired goals. He went beyond what I consider outstanding customer service. I was afraid I might get something I would quickly progress out of, and recognize that Dirk helped me strike a perfect balance in a progressive freeride board for my size, current skill and athletic level.

Dirk took the time to explain performance with the different masts, sails, booms, fins, boards and answered all my questions without flinching. Never did I sense the "damm, hope this guy buys something and leaves" attitude.

I took my rig out within three days after purchasing it and ripped across Lake Tomahawk here in Northern Wisconsin. I could not believe how quickly I got up on plane with way less wind than before! It is a blast and I can't wait to get out on it again. I'm totally stoked!!! It is such a HUGE improvement over my old windsurfing rig.

I certainly recommend you to anyone considering windsurfing!

Dirk, Thanks for your help in shipping my board this week. The parcel arrived on time and in perfect condition from the carrier.

Jon, Gary: Good morning and just wanted you to know that the Powerex RDM 370 arrived here yesterday and the Ezzy Wave SE 3.5 today! Both in great shape and ready to go. Just need big wind here now but knowing the North Sea reputation in the fall, I don't think I will have too long to wait. Otherwise thanks again to you for the great prices and prompt mailing of the mast and sail and look forward to talking with you again soon.
Good winds and waves,

Hey Jon, Just wanted to say that the Naish has been GREAT! Super fun, a little mellow and there are a few SUPs here in Minneapolis - I saw 6 on Calhoun 2 Sats ago. Plus, I screwed-on a sail, give my wife a windsurf lesson and she sailed across the lake and back by herself for her first time ever on a windsurfer! I tried it myself and it was a blast!

Thanks! Now I see why all my sailboard friends recommended you over the house retailer... Fast, Knowledgeable, polite... =)

Hi Gary, Thanks again for your quick reply and confirmations. I'll look forward to getting in touch with the freight company and, of course, getting the board. It's been a pleasure doing business. Your testimonials certainly told the truth, and I'll pass on your info to my brother in law, who's getting into SUP.

Gary, Just a quick note to let you know that the 105 liter RRD arrived on Friday -- I went to the shipping company to pick it up. Board was in perfect condition -- excellent packing. I sailed it in light conditions (5.8 and 6.5) on Friday, Sat, and Sun -- it is perfect for me and I am delighted with this choice. Thanks again for helping thru this decision process and providing great service and support.

Gary, Last summer my wife (Maleah) bought me a Starboard Go, Ezzy superlite 4.7, Ezzy superlite 6.5, and 430 cm Fiberspar reflex 4200 QT mast (along with the rest of tyhe rig componenets). It has been WONDERFUL and I have been having a great time with it. Thanks a ton for helping her pick everything out!! I am not sure why we held off so long on getting new windsurfing gear because it has increased our sailing fun a ton!!

Hi Gary. Thanks again for sloshing around with me out at Mosier Creek. I really appreciate any help I can get out there. I used the RRD 85 last weekend and had a blast on it. And it's much easier/lighter for me to carry. thanks,

Gary, I appreciate your efficient and helpful service. I just wish I had thought of this when I ordered the sail! My son's boom came apart last summer here. I've broken down a couple of times myself out on the reef so these boom heads will be a good insurance policy. Many thanks,

Jon, thanks for getting the handle, I got it a day or two ago. Thanks again for the excellent and personal service. It is good to have a friend in the business. Jeff

Thanks a lot Jon, I got it on friday and had 2 great days of sailing thanks so much for your help. I'm going to keep looking at what you suggested and am going to try to find the extra money to get the good stuff. Thanks so much and look forward to doing more business with you.

Gary, I wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I am really enjoying the Kona One and rig you recommended. So far I have been out in winds ranging from 7 to 10 knots and since I am so rusty have only used the 7.0 Free Ride. In these light winds even with the smaller sail the board moves quite well and I have been able to pump it onto a plane riding down some of the larger chop. I will probably looking for a large free-ride board next spring to supplement the Kona One and will be sure to contact you at that time. Thanks for your advice and service.

We have received your equipment and already are putting it to use. Thank you so much for getting it to us so promptly, and our little kids are already able to sail around with the kids rig we got from you. They love it, and everyone has nicknamed the 2.0 "Little Guy!"

We have very much enjoyed working with you, and after meeting with the camp director, we agreed that working with you with all of this has been so easy that we hope to be able to work with you as years go on! Thanks again,

Gary, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed sailing the RRD Freestyle Wave 115. Your recommendation was spot on!! Last Sunday I was able to squeak in a 2 hour session before I headed to the airport for a business trip. It was blowing onshore 25-30mph on Lake Huron and the smallest sail I had rigged was a 5.5m. I didn't take the time to rig something smaller, but just hit the water and had a great time. I immediately felt comfortable and was able to handle the chop and overpowered conditions very well. It is just a great board. Also earlier in the weekend I was able to give the 9.8 V8 a try. Again, great recommendation -- plenty of low end power and very stable. Thanks again for the great support and recommendations.

I want to tell you Thanks for sending our orders so promptly as we do not have a windsurf shop in Clovis, Calif. I could not believe how fast the products arrive.
Thanks again,

Heh. Bought two Ezzy sails and a Drake fin. Love em. Good service and products. Thanks!!!

Got it. Perfect condition. That was seriously fast shipping. Thanks!

Hi Gary, Just received the double board bag and the quiver bag. The size of the board bag is perfect. I can fit my boards in there with their own single bags. Thanks again,

Thanks Dirk. BTW all the stuff I ordered last week got here really fast and looks great!

The two masts, boom, and sail all arrived this morning in perfect condition. Thanks for the speedy service and Tony, thanks for the usual great careful packing job. The Ezzy Freeride looks great. Can't wait to sail it! Thanks!

Here's a shot from Monday at Isabella when it was averaging mid to high 20s! I was way overpowered on my 5.4 at times but it was more fun to stay out than to rig down. The RRD has amazing range - to be fun in that much wind; guys on 78L boards were pretty surprised I was holding down this equipment.

Gentlemen, Got my gear today. Thank you again for the equipment recommendation and fast service. I now have a trailer full of first class stuff that makes me smile everytime I pull into the parking lot and ponder what I am going to rig.

Hey guys, Thank you so much for getting my new Ezzy sail and weed fin to me last Saturday, I'm not sure how you did it really, but I totally appreciate it. Hope to see everyone in Bonaire this winter. Cinda

Hi Guys, thank you all for the efficient service I received while my wife was up in The States. I ordered some small stuff (mast plugs) as well as mast base tendon and harness lines. Everything was delivered on time, you guys made sure I was going to get the right stuff and I did...She has been back for two days and I've been using the new tendon mast's great, Thanks again for all your help,

Hey Gary, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I received my two new Hucker sails a couple weeks ago and have since had 3 awesome sessions since. I rode the 6.6 Hucker the first day on my Techno 272 and had a blast. The next few sessions were on my 5.6 Hucker and my Mistral Stinger, a fantastic combination. Looking forward to more wind..thanks for the great customer service (as always!).. Regards,

Thanks Joel, I just wanna tell you that I really appreciated your help, and I find your service one of the most efficient I've ever had in my life. Looking forward to making deals with you again (maybe next time I'll be in the US) Best,

Joel, Just wanted to let you know that the board arrived in good condition and is already in my van ready to sail tomorrow. thanks again for the quick shipment. Have a great day,

Gary, All the gear arrived yesterday and was in perfect condition. You nailed it on gear choice right down to the harness line length. We had good wind on the Chesapeake Bay yesterday and the new equipment was just awesome.

Jon, Just wanted to tell you that my 1st experience with buying from Isthmus Sailboards was an excellent one, from the initial website browsing to a phone call with information, quick processing and delivery. Very smooth; keep it that way. Isthmus Sailboards is definitely on my list of online retailers to recommend.

Dear Gary, I received everything. Thanks a lot. That was very quick !

Thank you for your professional service. It’s a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for providing the tracking number as I may be able to intercept home delivery at the freight center and get it a day or two earlier.

Hi Gary, Just to let you know that we have received the boards, sail, boom and pads in perfect condition today. You really know how to pack boards even though I could tell the UPS guy was not really happy when he saw a box inside a box. But he was kind enough to help me open up all the boxes. Thanks.

Gary, I've purchased a board and a few other goods from Isthmus over the past two years and appreciate the service I've had each time - as a result, it's become my go-to store for online purchases. Thanks for your help,

Thanks for your help the boom is great I tried it out this weekend

Jon, I have received the Chinook RDM extension and base I ordered from Isthmus. As you stated, they are very nicely finished components. Thank you for your help in choosing Chinook products, and the quick service. Regards,

Thanks for brilliant service and follow up!!! I will reccomend you to all my friends.
Aloha Stian

Dirk, Hi and Thanks, I figured I would never need that part. I will be windsurfing in one of the most remote places in the Southwest, Alamo Lake. It is in the middle of a remote section of the desert near Bouse, Arizona. I will be there for several years working on a patent on solar heat rejection and specialized battery charging. I will use my sand rail to take my Bic board to the lake. Everyone I ask says they don't think anyone has windsurfed there.

Hi John, Thanks for all the effort. I will be getting a sail tomorrow. That’s good as the water is busy getting warm and I’m itchin. I’ll call you after I get the sail. Thanks again to all at Isthmus.

Wow! Thanks for the speed and the service. Lookin' forward to the next nor' easter. Thanks again Jon

I am very pleased with your whole production, products, support, and response to my needs and inquiries. Thanks again. You know how to do your business.!!!

Jon, You don't mess around. I just received an e-mail from Fed Ex, indicating the new stuff has already been delivered. Thanks for the quick turnaround Jon.

Wow! The shipping was super fast.It didn't even take 24 hours!
Thanks a lot,

Thank you, Joel. As always, Isthmus sevice is first rate!

Gary, You are such a joy to do business with. You can be assured of my continued patronage.

Dear Dirk and Gary, I really appreciate all the assistance and advise you have both given me through the entire process. You really do a great job in "Customer Care" and that should ensure your continued success in today's market. You will have my continued support. Congratulations!

Joel, I have a 12’6 SUP from Starboard. I love it. I have been cruising Lac Bay enjoying the zen like experience being on a SUP. I pass turtles and barracudas and am one with nature. The board is very stable and efficient. Elvis took my board into the waves with a sail and loved it. Roger and I took our SUP’s to Red Slave and had a great small wave sesh.

I am ordering a smaller board for Cape Cod as I spend part of the Spring and Fall here. My goal is to become more efficient in waves.

I am thrilled to be on the Starboard Team and so happy owning my SUP.

Thanks again for all your help. Your shops customer service truly stands above the rest. Have a great season and I hope to stop in sooner than later.

Dude that RRD Z-Ride 120 rules! Took it out last Monday on the SF Bay (Palo Alto site). Landed a jibe 1st day (which was the point of getting it since I had a 100 L Naish). Very easy to plane, as advertised. Handles the chop as well as my 100 L as far as I can tell. Thanks much again.

Joel, Good call, great service, my first experience with Isthmus Sailboards. I appreciate your help and fast reponse.

Hi Joel, Received my new RRD 90 L board today and everything arrived in perfect condition. Packaging and Isthmus both excellent as usual. Pass my thanks on to Gary.

Hey Gary, The boards arrived yesterday in perfect condition (of course) thanks to your impeccable packaging. Living so far away from a city, I receive mail and internet orders weekly, yet very few are as consistently well packaged, on time, and accurately filled as those from Isthmus.

Got the suit -- great fit -- LOVE it!! Thanks for helping make it happen!

Gary, Thank you for your help and efforts. BTW, your gorge store and staff could not be more helpful and we are looking forward to visiting them again, quite possibly this summer.

Hi Gary, The sail was in NJ on time and I just shipped it to Portugal. Thank's for your service. The new Ezzy's are great.

Hi Joel, Today I received the package with the sailing gloves – thanks a lot! That was pretty fast for an international order… Great service! So, once again thank you very much for your effort and your assistance, Have a good sailing winter.
Kronshagen, Germany

Hi Gary! Everything is ok, the new board has already arrived. Due to the snow and minus temperatures outside, the test on the water will be slightly postponed. Many thanks for your help and assistance. Regards,

Joel, Just got back from Maui, and thanks for shipping out my RRD TwinTip in a timely manner for me to hand-receive it. I can't believe how light the board is for 102L, which is almost equivalent to my JP's PRO 100L ($2000..). The MFC fin and Dakine straps that came standard with the RRD board are top-notch. I recommended RRD to my friends in the S.F. bay and Gorge area. I'll drop into your Gorge OR shop next season, too!
Thank you and have a great weekend.

Hi Gary, Just to let you know that everything went ok with the sails and the colors are correct. Thank you for your excellent service. I'll keep buying material from ISTHMUS and next year I hope that the Euro currency keeps very high against the US Dollar, I would like to buy the 2009 Ezzy quiver from you. Thank you,

Hey Guys, hanks so much for the very warm and perfectly fitting dry suit. It's wonderful. We are sailing often and it's cool out but I'm very comfortable. You guys are great. Happy sailing,

You guys provide great service and very helpful comments. A lot more than just selling a board, sail... We appreciate the time and advice you devote to us a lot!

Jon, Received the Neil Pryde drysuit this morning and it fits perfectly!! Thank you for your assistance.

Hello! Thanks for the assistance and great telephone service. I eagerly await my new suit. yeee haaaa! can't wait!
Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Jon, I was able to get a couple sessions on the RRD Freestyle Wave 86 and just wanted to thank you for your advice and patience with me as I made up my mind. I've only ridden it two days but it was really a joy. Definitely good advice about the size. I can't wait to get out on it again.

Hi Gary, Thanks for your help with my broken fin part. The brass fitting you picked out is perfect. Back in business! The Power Uphaul looks intriguing. The design seems to address one of those niggling windsurfing problems. It is hard maintain a firm grip on a wet uphaul, particularly on a bigger sail. Can't wait to try it out.

Hi Dirk, You guys are amazing (again), I've already received the 2004 cams. Dealing with Isthmus gives me a similar feeling as a perfect windsurfing day. Thanks again,

Thank you for taking such good care of us even when you are so far away. We had a great time in the Gorge. The folks in your shop were really nice.

Hi Gary, Thank you so much for your time and patience.

THANKS GUYS! I love your shop and service... keep up the great work!

Gary, Thanks for your help selecting the mast bases, etc required to put Ezzy Kids Rig and others on all my antique boards. Everything (except the backordered mistral maui adapter which you mentioned) showed up ahead of schedule and fit perfectly – the 2.5 sail was perfect for my 10 year old. We really enjoyed ourselves!

Hi Gary, We received the vent plugs . Thanks so much. Also thanks so much for your help with everything. My new wet suit is the best suit I ever owned. In fact it is the first suit in more than 25 years of sailing that has sleeves that are long enough. We spent a very windy week in Rio this year and I got to sail my 69 liter exocet that I got from you a few years ago. It was great fun. I gave your email address to a friend that wants to buy some new boards. Hopefully he will email you.
Thanks again.

Dear Gary, I (the french one) have to say that it is the first time in my entire windsurfer buyer's life to be advised with such patience,kindness and professionalism. Thank you for helping me in choosing the adequate gears. I am now impatient to receive them and try them. Will send you some pics of my secret spot......hopefully by next week. Thanks as well for your web adress...will look forward to discover spots in Long Island.
Gilles New York

Wanted to let you know that I have been a really happy Isthmus customer. Prices are fair, great selection, packaging is bomb proof (new RRD was bubble wrapped, boxed then put into a second box!!!) and customer service has been excellent. Jon has great product knowledge and all of his recommendations have been right on.

Jon, Received the JP Super Sport 136 last Friday and finally had a chance to sail it yesterday. This board felt comfortable the minute I took off from the beach. Smooth ride, planes early and jibes like a dream. This was one of the easiest windsurfing purchases I have ever made. Board arrived as promised and no damage. Great doing business with you.

Hey guys, Thank you so much for the quick replacement of my mast. I am in prime windsurfing season and I didn't miss a beat. Barry, I have been using your products since 1993 and they are always excellent. Joel, you guys take care of the customer. Thanks again.

Thanks Gary. Great turn around service for a $16 part shipped. Now that's the best customer service I had in two years dealing with anything!

Joel, Thank you for prompt response. I am very satisfied with Isthmus Sailboards service, where I do 90% of my purchases... Best Regards,

Thank you for your quick response to my order...the package arrived before I got home from work, was exactly what I needed, I used it this evening, and it worked better than the old stuff! I would order from you guys again!

Thank you so much for the fantastic service and speed of delivery on my recent purchase. Your price was so low, I thought it was a mistake and I would never see the sail. But it arrived today and it is perfect! I will definitely use you in the future.

Hi Joel, I received my new board, sail and bag. Everything came safe and sound. I never had anything so well wrapped in my life :-) LOL. Thank you very much and it was a pleasure to do business with you.

Dirk, I sailed Bailey's Harbor yesterday (geez wish you and Joel and Phil were there..)--in a wonderful steady southerly--I could hold on to the 5.8 for a lot longer than I expected - then rigged down, but I love the Neil Pryde Search - handles great and even works with my little board. One very happy gal.

Hi Gary, I received my board with no incident! The board is absolutely superb!!! Thanks very much for your help on making a choice! (JP XCite Ride 110 2007) Best regards,

Just wanted to send a word of thanks for all your help. All the equipment arrived in great shape. Got the sail and board all rigged last night. Received a very helpful voicemail from Dirk today in answer to a question I left on your voicemail regarding the rigging of my maui sail. I'll be taking it out this weekend. Thanks again.

I sailed the Ezzy Freeride 7.5m2! Fabulous. Very powerful feels like a cambered race sail, more stable alowing me to take it faster. I think I took the RRD as fast I ever have with it.

Hi Jon, Just a note to say I finally got to try out the 5.0 SE and the skinny mast sailing the remnants of Barry on Monday- down the line shoulder high at Matunuck.. Think I'm gonna love this sail! I figure it takes at least a dozen sessions to really get the feel of a sail, but I was impressed with the tunability as the wind was up and down, so I was adjusting the out haul for power in the water. The balance and low end power feel good too. And the RDM is great for grabbing and throwing in the jibes! Thanks again, always a pleasure dealing with you guys.

CJ, Thank you very much for your helpful information and attentive follow up. I look forward to using the sails next weekend.

Great job Gary. Your advice was dead accurate. Glad I went with the Ezzy Freerides. Within a couple days of receiving my order, I had an epic session on the new Ezzy Freeride 6.5. Rigging and tuning the sail was effortless. Can't say I missed having cams one bit! The sail managed our extremely gusty conditions with no problem whatsoever, and kept me in the footstraps 95% of the time. Kudos to the team at Isthmus. Many thanks,

Thanks Gary, you are always so prompt, I commend you for being a great business and customer oriented individual. One of the main reasons I love your shop and service. Thanks again,

I finally got out today after about a week of lousy wind. 85 degrees and 25 knot winds so I left the office and headed out. I took the RRD Z-Ride LTD and the 7.0 Freeride. Wow, I love that sail. It started to pick up so I really rigged it flat and I was amazed at how well it handled. We had some gusts to 30 knots but I felt fine, and the board loved that sail. I really notice the difference with the Ezzy — responds well to rigging, and very well made. Plus there are lots of nice extra touches — sail bag that is actually worth a crap, for example. A great sail and a great match with that board and wind.

My 6.0 Ezzy Free Ride is great! When overpowered, downhauling just one inch made all the difference in the world as to whether I could continue to sail with it or not. I never felt as though the sail was being ripped out of my hands. I want to say it's very will balanced and if rigged properly it feels really good with great control.
St. Martins

Hi Gary, I got to use my new Bic 293 OD this weekend and was very happy with the performance. I had a great sail. The Bic was a great choice, and I thank you for your help in the selection process.
Many thanks

Hi Jon, I finally got out on the 68 Liter Exocet yesterday and it was fantastic! It's better than I was expecting in every area--and it even gets on a plane pretty quickly for a little board! I was running it with a 5.4 without any issues (or at least until the wind completely shut down and I had to make the long slog back in...) I can't wait to get it out in some higher winds. The new 6.0 Wave SE has been great as well during the last two weeks. Many thanks for all your help!

Gary, First, your recommendations on my recent (8 mnths ago) purchases were right on! Ordered 4.7, 5.4, 6.4 Search/Excess and JP 93 FSW and JP 120 Xcite. I just got back from a week in Hatteras which turned out to be the best wind ever and my first time on the gear. 5 days of 4.7 and 2 days of 6.4.....Got to love those Nor' Eastern storms when they scream up the coast. What I really needed was a 4.2 and a FSW 78 liters. But thank you so much for taking the time to know your customers and recommend what will work! Totally stoked that you have a store in the Gorge.

Hi Gary, My order arrived fine (a few weeks ago) - I tried it out this past weekend - f-type 158 - it's amazing how quick it planes up. I used my np 9.5 and there was almost no wind and I was stunned - it caught me off guard. Thanks again!

Just a short one to let you know we got the boards yesterday and that everything is perfect! The new RRD Freestyle Waves are absolutely superb!

Gary, Thank you for setting me up with the RRD Freestyle Wave 102L. I sailed it for the first time today with a 5.9 M sail in winds that according to iWindsurf ranged between 20-30 mph with gusts in the 30-35 mph range. I absolutely loved the board from the first 10 seconds. I immediately popped up onto a plane and then had the fastest and smoothest runs that I have ever had. I was exhausted after 2 hours from exhilaration (perhaps fear) of going so fast.

Gary, I wanted you to know that everything arrived today safe and sound. I can't wait to get the Z-Ride on the water -- it's breathtaking. I was instantly struck at how LIGHT it is as compared to the Go and the Kona. Most of my windsurfer workout used to consist of lugging the board down to the beach! Not anymore. Thanks so much for the great service. I'm trying to reshuffle my schedule to take it out today -- although 42 degrees isn't too appealing! But I will let you know how it goes when I get it on the lake.
Best wishes,

The shipment of windsurfing equipment recently received from Isthmus looked great. Thank you for such great service and attention to detail.
Thank you,

Hi Gary, We got the harnesses yesterday - they fit perfectly! Thank you so much... If you are ever in La Ventana again, look us up at Mr Bill's...

Hello Gary, Harnesses received. Looks very good and they're really light. We'll also save on gear in the future. Thanks.
Best regards,

Jon, I received my new sail quickly, it looks great, you guys have it together, thanks, we should be sailing Sunday.
Key Largo

Hi, The booties and lifejacket arrived yesterday. Everything fits. Thanks for your help over the phone and the quick shipment.
Hope to stop by next summer when we are in Wisconsin.
Ginny and Jim
Moab, Utah

Jon, Got the new wetsuits and they fit great. Thanks for the great service and great prices.

Joel, Thank you for all the help. I picked up the shipment last Thursday night all in excellent condition.

Hey Joel, My RRD Twintip 102 showed up in perfect condition, as usual. Thanks to you, Gary, and Jon.
Have a great Christmas!

Everything got here OK - just need some wind now. Tell Dirk thanks for the call on the farmer john layer - it fits very well under the wetsuit. Thanks for getting it all here quick.

Hi Gary, The shipment arrived today 2 days earlier than expected which was a nice surprise. Everything arrived in good shape. The Hifly board is gorgeous, love the shape. That board is going to love the Grenadines! The sails look bomb proof compared to some of my older more fragile gear. I was REALLY impressed with the boom, the components are great and it is better than expected at that price.

Thanks as if I can keep the airlines from damaging anything and if the trade winds have kicked in, I am golden!

thanks again for the great recommendations, prices and service

Jon, Thanks again, you "guys" are great - service w/a smile!

Jon, Thanks for thoroughly answering all of my questions. As I haven't been involved in windsurfing for the last 10 years, it sure is good to have this level of service.

Hey Gary, I must say you guys are so helpful and patient....I truly appreciate it......and look forward to getting set-up....Have a great night.

Dear Gary, I know you get bored hearing this from so many of your customers but once again thank you for the expert advise, competitive prices and prompt shipping.


Hey Gary, I know that we did this deal quite some time ago now, but I just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to trade in my two boards for the new Go 139. I've had the best time ever sailing this summer. I'll attach a recent picture taken on September 16th by one of my kids.
Thanks again,

Gary and Team: Thanks for welcoming me back to the sport! After attending your sailing demo I knew I'd be visiting the shop to get set up. With your excellent advice, I'm now enjoying a new board and rig perfectly fitted to me. What a difference vs my old "no-nose"! For anyone who has been away - Now is a great time to discover the updated equipment. PS. I'll be stopping by soon to find out what will necessary for extending the season out here on the isthmus.


Thanks, so much for your efforts, I received my order by post last week. My name is Gonzalo Soriano, with my friend Pablo Costa are two entusiasts for Ezzy and Isthmus Sailboards, I put in a photo for you, my Special Edition 2002 in action.
Good wind,
  Gonzalo sailing his Ezzy Wave SE.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I've been dealing with Isthmus. Your sales staff are so good at explaining things, that I feel confident about my big purchases when it's finalized. Most sales people don't know much about the product and if they do, they still won't spend more that 2 minutes talking to you about it. ... Aaron

Jon, I greatly appreciate your return call, most businesses won’t call back or offer no advice for a solution to my needs or problems. They would simply state –“that part is no longer available – but I can sell you an entire new…” You guys always offer the best advice of anyone out there by far! This is the reason I continue to give Isthmus Sailboards my business.

Jon, Wanted to let you know that I received the new Pryde boom and it looks very nice. Thanks for standing behind your gear. I really appreciate it and will pass on the good word on you guys to friends here in SF.
Thanks again!

Dirk, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I received my kit within a couple of days of placing the order - exactly what I wanted. Brilliant customer service - it's a pleasure buying kit from people who know what they are talking about. Even if it was only board bags this time.... I'll be back for more in the future.

I was rigging up last night and was talking to some guy. I asked him where he got his new board and he replied "Isthmus Sailboards". He also couldn't speak more highly of you chaps...

I'll recommend you to anyone who asks. Keep up the good work. Cheers,

Gary, I wanted to let you know that I just picked up my new board. It looks great! It's even prettier than the picture! The packaging was in excellent condition. I was impressed with how quickly everything arrived. By my calendar, you were 3 to 4 days ahead of schedule!

All that I can say is, you earned a new customer with this deal. I tend to dislike change and place a lot of emphasis on vendor loyalty. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to working with you the next time I need gear. Best regards,

Thanks Gary. Boy, do I love dealing with someone who is so prompt in replying and accommodating in getting product to me. I already received an invoice from your office...they are on the ball!

I just want to thank the guys at Isthmus for all your help, especially Jon and Dirk. I was in the process of purchasing my first free ride board, and although I had it narrowed down to a few, I was really stuck as to which one would best suit my needs. I checked all the reviews and called around, which only confused me more. Then I talked to the guys at Isthmus. They didn’t sell me on any specific board, but gave me their honest opinions on each board I was considering and plently of info which let me make my own decision. Bottom line is I have a great board on order (which was actually the cheapest of the ones I was condsidering!) and now have a goto source for any future gear related purchases and questions.

Thanks again for the great service and best regards.

Thanks for everything -- I really appreciate the attention and am floored by the service. Happy to be a reference if you ever need one.

Dear Gary, you have the best store and best service in North America! I live in Canada and we have several local stores but it is easier and much more efficient to deal with you! You are always there to help and every customer is treated equally regardless of the amount of $$ he wants to spend. Thank you very much for all these great little things you have done!
Yours truly,

Joel and Jon, I got my board and rig. Everything looks ok. Thank you very much for the excellent service. Have a great day.
Best regards,

Thanks for the board, as always it arrived in perfect condition and on time. I appreciate the discount as well. I used to do business with the Hood River group but I think you all provide better service with better prices.

The fantastic service I’ve received from everyone I’ve interacted with at your shop greatly impressed me and I will be sure to look to you first for any future gear purchases.
Thanks again & best regards,

Thanks a lot for the great service over the years. You can’t believe how thorough Jon Massman is in addressing my windsurfing desires.
Thanks again,

Gary, I've developed a loyalty to you and your shop. In 2002, you took the time over about three months of endless e-mails and calls to answer every question I had before selecting my first short board and performance rig (Carve 155, Retro quiver). This spring you did the same when I wanted a board for my wife and I to get back on after a sailing lay-off (GO 170). I can't thank you enough for all your time and patience. It is because of people like you and so many others in the industry that kooks like me stay so stoked.

Hello Dirk, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I’ve received my F2 250 style board in great shape! In fact, I’m very impressed with the entire service that I've received from Isthmus Sailboards regarding this purchase. Your responses, email links, contact #’s, and solid shipping process have been excellent. Please continue your high level of quality service, and I’ll continue as a customer. Your reputation over here in the Bodega Bay, Ca. region has already been spreading very positively. Thank-You!
Best Regards,


Hey Jon, Just wanted to let you know that your efforts at helping me choose the right board were successful. The attached picture was taken at a nearby lake where the winds were blowing 19-22 mph. The board performed superbly! My Bic Rock is now officially retired.
Best regards
  John sailing his new Bic Techno Classic 283

Gary, I finally had the opportunity to try the board you recommended (the Bic Techno II 148L) and as you predicted, it is perfect for me. I was able to plane faster than several of the guys, blew at least one of them away :-) (he said he couldn't catch me), and had the fastest and most tuned-in rides of my life. I had such a good time on the board that I was thanking you out loud on the water and I wanted to send you flowers. I still might! Thanks for helping pick exactly the right board for my experience level!!
Now on to my carve jibe!!

Dear Gary, The Highland Lakes Windsurfing Fleet would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past generosity. Your donations have been a tremendous asset to our junior program here at the lake.

Tom Latham has been very instrumental in the development of our Junior Windsurfers. Tom runs our Junior Windsurfing clinics every Wednesday during the summer to provide instruction and equipment to beginners ages 9 thru 18. We presently have 23 junior sailboard owners on the lake. That number represents nearly half of all the sailboard owners on the lake.

Gary, I received the starboard arm of my North boom in the mail yesterday and installed it. It works perfect. I really want to thank you for your help in this matter. I feel extremely fortunate to have accidentally bumped into you at the Hatteras Windfest back in April. Anyway, you can be assured that I will keep Isthmus at the top of my windsurfing supply store and will relate my experience with Isthmus to my windsurfing friends. Thanks again.

I want to thank you for your help in my recent purchase of the F2 Discovery 170 with Neill Pryde Solo rig. It got here fast and in good condition. It works great! Thanks again for your great service and timely delivery.

Hi Jon and Gary, Received my new wetsuit yesterday, looks awesome! (we also have 20-25 mph winds this afternoon, so will probably get a chance to wear it). Thank you very much for all of your help. You made the warranty claim very easy to deal with. I got the Isthmus catalog yesterday in the mail, so I am looking forward to purchasing some more kit from you guys.
Have a great day, all the best.

Gary … just a quick note to let you know that the gear I purchased worked as advertised down at Hatteras last week. Although the Techno II/75 was a bit less ‘forgiving’ of my mistakes than the NOVA, it was a lot of fun to sail. We liked the V-10 boom as well, especially the design feature that allows you to see that the holes are aligned before engaging the locking pins (something my other booms don’t do). All in all it was a great week, and we left wanting to windsurf more.

Hi Gary, I wanted to thank you for the outstanding service and equipment selection you have provided. The HiFly Free 120 is awesome and the Dakine Fusion seat harness allowed me to windsurf for many hours without any back pain!!! The trip to the Cape was unreal, great winds and good weather. I vowed to return for more next year.

PS: I hang out with a group of windsurfers in the Windsor/London area. I can assure you that your company will receive all the positive mentioning possible.

Got my wetsuit today. Fits great, fast delivery. Thanks for your help. Brad

Hey, I called Jon today to put another order together for our boys camp. I think 6 boards and 8 complete sail sets would be great. I enjoy working with you and appreciate the extra effort and support toward our program.
Attawaytogo, Bill

Hi Gary, Sorry, I couldn´t write before. I just wanted to thank you again, everything arrived fine and in perfect conditions, even the flight to Mexico was perfect. The equipment works fine, we had a lot of fun few days ago blasting with the excess´s sails!

Jon, I appreciate the expedited service. I speak highly of your shop to my windsurfing buddies at my local lake. You have been the dealer to my addiction since last year when I first started windsurfing. I've gone from the Bic Nova with an Ezzy Superlite 7.5 and 6.5 in lighter winds to the Starboard Kombat this year with the Neil Pryde Expression 5.7. Shipments are always packed excellently and you've never failed in answering my questions when I call for advice. I'm having a blast and hope to continue this great relationship with your shop.

P.S. If you have some IsthmusSailboards stickers I'd like to display them on my windsurfing trailer. I've also attached a pic of me enjoying the Neil Pryde expression on the Kombat.

Hi Gary, I really appreciate your policy of taking the moral high road. It gives me more confidence and makes me feel a lot more comfortable -- especially since you’re too far away for me to easily come to your office if a transaction has problems (but then, the odds of that happening seem to be so small that it doesn’t concern me).
Are you smiling? (I hope so),
PS I’m looking forward to “Christmas in (very early) April.”

Gary, Just got back from a week in Margarita and my first real use of all the new gear. I used everything from the 7.5m down to the 4.5m and wow, what a difference from my 7-year old sails. So much lighter and more progressive and with far greater range. Thanks again for the sound advice and looking forward to more shredding action.....

Hello and thanks for your help, I receive monday march 20 the sail and the video and it came very fast and perfect. Im very happy with my purchase. Let me know closeouts that you have and new product for future buying.
Carlos from Puerto Rico

Jon has been awesome helping me while you were away, helped with the return and a little issue with the new board, tell him many thanks for all the help and prompt answers!! You guys have outstanding customer service and I will highly recomend Isthmus to our club members. Thanks for the followup. Regards,

Thanks for the great service a few months back. The Ezzy 7.5 I purchased from you has been just great. Now for some followon business!

The Dakine Fusion harness I ordered arrived and I wanted to say "Thanks" for your recommendation. It is an exceptionally well designed and manufactured harness. I even like the RED color -- it's tasteful and rather classy looking. Thanks for causing me to break out of my traditional black repertoire!
Good sailing,

Wore my new Neil Pryde flotation vest Sunday. (We were under a high wind advisery - gusts to 40 mph). Keeps me afloat just fine, even in very rough water. I really like the pocket on the front. I'm very happy with the NP vest. I even like the color.
Thanks, Trina

I just received my order containing the life jacket and gloves. Two days ahead of estimate! Both are just what I wanted. Thanks for you continued outstanding service.

I received the Bic Techno 2 yesterday along with the rest of the rig. Everything was in mint conditions. I also received the other set harness and deviator from FedEx. Thank you for everything. You were great.

As I had anticipated it took a while, and a little money, to get the order through Venezuelan customs but everything was finally cleared and delivered on Monday afternoon. It all looks fantastic and I can't wait to use it this weekend. I'm sure it will make a big difference compared to my current 8 year old kit !!

I also wanted to say a big thanks for all your help and advice. The order arrived fully intact and with no missing items or mistakes. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will certainly be recommending you to my windsurfing friends. Best regards

I really appreciate your help in making these choices because I am not a windsurfer.

Gary, you are most gracious in helping me to resolve this situation. I already have the Loctite on my workbench; I'll inform you as soon as the parts arrive from Dakine. As always, the focus is on customer satisfaction at Isthmus!

Thanks for the "faster than Finian Maynard" response to my fin request. It arrived from True Ames last week. Thanks again

This has been my first experience with Isthmus and a very positive one. The product is awesome, the shipping prompt (both times), and the return was handled appropriately. Happy Holidays to you, your family, and your crew there at Isthmus.

Thank you for the customer support. Believe it or not I am getting better service from Isthmus Sailboards than from any of the other local shops and/ or Internet sailboard companies.

I got the suit today. Wow! I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship. I'm completely sold on Neil Pride, and the model.

Jon, I greatly appreciate how you and Gary handled my situation. You've got me "hooked in" as a loyal customer. I'm looking forward to trying the new sail but the last few sailing days have been too windy for a 7.0. Thanks again for your incredible customer service. Ben

To anyone who is still riding an antiquated, jalopy of a board like I was, here are two invaluable words of advice: UPGRADE IMMEDIATELY.
In the very first hour of riding the Bic Techno 2 that Gary recommended for me, I was filled with that euphoric feeling of finally ‘getting it’. In the first puff, I sat down in my harness and the board shot up onto a plane without a bit of coaxing. Then, when I slid my foot into the front strap it tracked straight and true - instead of burying its windward rail and veering into irons like my old board usually did. Finally, after several runs blasting back and forth in gusty onshore winds, I realized that I was having no trouble staying off the beach.
Planing in marginal winds, getting into the footstraps, and working upwind - three essential skills that I was very sketchy at on my old board I now performed with ease. I simply had no idea how much my equipment was holding me back. Thanks so much for the great advice and matching me with just the right board to progress my sailing. Now, with my new confidence to get back upwind, I’m getting to serious work on those gybes! It’s going to be a great Fall!
Matt    Isthmus-Customer-for-Life (or until I move to Maui)

Thanks for writing back so quickly. I enjoy talking to you too. Even though you are such a good sailor I know that you understand what it's like for me too. Some people that are really good at windsurfing just don't appreciate what it's like for beginners and intermediates. You and Roger Jackson are two of the best at explaining things so everyone can understand.

Gary , thanks so much for the just makes my decision O SO sweet.....Jon at your shop spent allot of time helping me out yesterday and i went with the 2005 Neil Pryde dry suit.....your staff and yourself have always been excellent at helping me out...thanks again.

Got the sail! Thank your team for the fast turnaround. I hope to get out and sail before the ice shows up. The ’06 Ezzy’s look really sharp.

I turned 48 today and spent 3 hours sailing in a beautiful Southeaster. Air temp 65, wind 18 to 25. The cold weather gear you sent us is FLAWLESS

Kudos to your shipping department for beating their backlog and shipping my order today!I also appreciate your "under-promising" (instead of optimistically "over-promising"). For people like me, it's much more pleasant when target dates are pulled in -- rather than extended.

I really appreciate your professional advice and personal service – you’ve been great to deal with. No big hurry on shipment – we’re hunkered down awaiting Hurricane Rita hitting shore.

Thanks for all your help and expert advice today – I’m looking forward to receiving my new rig.

Unlike some businessmen who see the customer as someone to be fleeced, I believe you are one of the rare breed who genuinely want to help the customer – rather than just maximizing profits on each transaction. I enjoy doing business with people who give me good advice – rather than those who try to maximize their commission on each sale.
In closing, thanks for enhancing my windsurfing recreation by running your store the way you do.

Thanks again for your help in getting me the replacement boom. You guys are the best in the business.

I got a JP New School from you guys...It's really great. I was out yesterday with a 7.5 in about 10 knots of wind and was able to plane nicely.

That would be great to drop the bolts in the mail. Thanks for saving me money on shipping! You guys are awesome. My brother and I (and the rest of my family) will always buy our windsurfing gear at Isthmus, because of the excellent service!

The gear is great. The board is the best I've been on and the cam sail is a whole new level of power. Thanks. Regarding your operation everyone that uses you says the same and that basically is, "professionals they take their time to insure you got what you need."

First, I want to comment that I think you have the best web-site of all the retailers, by far! Also, I think I get the best unbiased advice from you and your salespeople. I have worked most with Dirk and he has always been patient and informative. I have also made the recommendation to Windsurfing Mag in the past that they do an opinion poll of the readers about best website, best retailers etc.

By the way, the 1.9 sq m Ezzy rig and the Starboard Start Medium work perfect for my 7 yr old son. After two days, he loves windsurfing.

I'm just looking for some advice to avoid doing any real damage to the awesome stuff you guys have helped me with these past two summers.
Thanks again for all of the help from you and your team. Happy Sailing!

Am I ever happy. I was just finishing up the repair to the sail after sending you the picture with sail repair tape when a rep from Ezzy called me. They are going to send me a new 4.5. Thanks for forwarding that on. I appreciate it (I've always been very happy with the service from Isthmus).

for windsurfing is a way of life thanks to you and your staff
another successful delivery and a happy customer. Hope to do it again

The web site is extremely helpful. Even when I call in my orders, it is after exploring the available stuff on the web site.

I sailed my Hypersonic 105 (which arrived in perfect condition) with an 8.3 sail last night - everyone else was on 6.5 to 7-somethings. (I admit I was a bit of a wind pig). The Hypersonic absolutely rocked. I couldn't believe how fast it was & how quickly it popped up onto a plane. My other boards seem to reach a speed where the ride is borderline insanity, not the Hypersonic. I couldn't seem to find it's top end. I couldn't be any more pleased with my board purchase. Thanks for your time and assistance.

Perfect. I'll watch my email for when you ship. Thanks so much for your excellent customer care!

I just wanted to tell you how much fun we have had with our recently purchased Bic Nova, I bought the board for my 11 and 7 years old boys as a training board. They had been having fun on it for a few hours, but as the wind picked up to about 20 it was too much for them. I had my 6.6 rigged on my board, so just for fun I thought I would plow around on the barn door. Well much to my shock and aw, this board popped on plane and took off like a rocket. Even in sizable chop and no foot straps I had a surprising amount of control. I was hooting and hollering the whole time, what a blast. Needless to say we went home and put on the foot straps for our next family outing. This is the best Mothers Day gift we have gotten yet. And my wife even likes windsurfing now.

Working with both you and Jon has been such an outstanding sales experience. This is coming from someone who sells at the enterprise level.

Picked up the board and inspected board today with no problems. It looks great and cannot wait to sail it. Thanks and, as usual, customer service was superb.

I just received my Bic Nova demo board, I think you made a huge mistake, I’m pretty sure you sent me a brand new board. It looks great, and is pounds lighter than I ever thought, even the fin looks new. I can only imagine the screaming and summer salts in the front yard when I pull this board out of the van for my 3 young boys. Windsurfing season has come to Rio Vista this weekend. I hope my wife remembers this is her Mother’s Day present. I have not had a chance to look at the sail but you did a great job on the packing and there were no dents or scratches on any of it. The only thing that is missing would be an Isthmus Sailboards T-shirt.

Thank you for all your assistance and making this an excellent purchasing experience thus far and for honoring the price. Due to your great customer service, I look forward to using Isthmus sailboards for all future big equipment as well as parts purchases as we expand our program here.

Jon, just wanted to let you know that all went well picking up the board at Overnite transport in Buffalo, although those freight personnel can be tough
as they made me sign for the goods before I could unpack them! Nonetheless, there was no damage, everything was intact, and the board was awesome! My other buddies were very interested to find out about my purchase experience from Isthmus. Needless to say I think you can expect some new future business! Thanks again Jon for the great service and delivery!

Hi Jon, Found an old email -- just wanted to thank you for the terrific suit -- it is perfect! Now, of course, my husband has "wetsuit envy" so we anticipate ordering the men's model for him in the near future. Cheers!

I look forward to ordering more gear from you in the near future when I finally make my move to Oregon. You guys are awesome. Nothing ever seems too much trouble, even helping to ship an order back. Your input is always valuable and very much appreciated. Happy sailing my friend.

Thanks for the great service! I'll be letting all of my windsurfing buddies know about my purchasing experience with you and Isthmus. Looking forward to riding that JP!

Gary, the boards made it to Guam in perfect shape. Thanks so much. Here is a photo of my wife Laura next to her 105L, and my friends Gregg and Kim next to their boards. We would have gotten some action shots, but the wind was too good and nobody would stop to take photos. Everyone loves their boards and are giving me a hard time for not ordering one for myself :)
I'll send some action shots when we get some. Thanks again!

Gary, my dad had his own business and was a really smart guy. It's rare that I see anyone that is as good a businessman as he was but I think you are. I really liked talking to you in Bonaire and the way you treated all of us, and that you take the time to answer my questions by email. If I were only so good at selling my paintings. Thanks for all your help.

The Techno Formula and complete rig arrived today and everything looks great. Thanks for all of your emails, phone calls and good advice, Roger should have a great surprise 50th birthday present with this package you helped put together. As always you guys are the best in full service windsurfing gear and over the years I have never been disappointed with Isthmus. I do really believe that the other companies with free shipping and other sales gimmicks have unfortunate customers that have missed the opportunity to work with you guys.

Wow, thanks for the fast reply. This is the reason my brother and I continue to do business with Isthmus . . . always excellent and prompt service, great prices, knowledgeable staff, and quality equipment!

Yesterday was phenomenal. Truly unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! Everything you recommended exceeded all my expectations. The board, the drysuit, the hood, boots etc. That friggin board cranks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goes upwind like crazy. The sail was a 9.0 Formula Warp. Thanks for all you help.

I was able to get at least one day out on my new JP Supercross 115 that I purchased back at the end of Oct. Rigged with a 6.5 V8, it ripped. The ride was so effortless that it didn't seem very fast....except that I was easily the fastest of the nine sailors out that day. It took much less effort to plan and fly than my older gear, which now hangs in the shed. Thanks for the great deals and fast deliveries.

Many thanks to you for the individual assistance you provided my wife, as she selected my NEW BOARD for Christmas! She has long been my equipment provider, never failing to respond to an item circled in a catalog. But this year, your help (and your review of my prior purchases) led to an outstanding decision on which board to buy, and your top-notch shipping and follow-through resulted in my wife achieving complete surprise on Christmas morning. Again, as before, I have to say “you guys are the best”!

Thanks for the big tip. Just got off the phone with Jon at your store. Fin should be here next week together with two more items. Superior service as usual. Until the next advisory session. Happy holidays and enjoy Bonaire.

Thanks for holding my hand through all my questions and frets. It's nice to know I can get answers/attention from you folks as immediate and helpful as I could get from a retail location. I think you guys are doing it right.

Thanks very much for all your help with the kids rigs. They were there on our arrival. Their condition was as you described. We made great use of them, and have several up and coming windsurfers.

The wetsuit is here, fits and doesn't appear to have any flaws, those
round things arrived and the sail is in the bag. Rich is quite pleased
and we thank you for the wonderful service.

I want to thank you for your help in selecting the "right product" for my purpose. Your knowledge and taking the time to share it with me equals a very satisfied customer. Its not a big deal by itself but after having several dealings with you all its obviously a business pattern and that is a BIG DEAL. It's such a pleasure to deal with a company that is successful because of their "customer relations". The hardware arrived as advertised and within 4 days. It was obvious I had selected the correct products and that was a result of your help. I always feel comfortable in recommending your company anytime someone asks about buying windsurfing equipment.

Hey Gary, I just wanted to let you know that I received the Techno 2 and Ezzy 8.5m rig, what a great combination! Everything arrived in perfect shape (through five depot transfers) and performed beautifully this weekend. I met a number of your longtime customers from Vail to Denver gathered at Aurora Reservoir for a 15 to 40mph / 80 degree weekend! One showed me gear that she had bought from you almost 20 years ago (and is still a customer). I just thought you'd like to know that both you personally and your company are held in high regard here.

The Windsurfing Hawaii Makai boom with extension and harness lines got to MY house in less then 24 hours! NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL SERVICE!!!!!!! THANK YOU

You actually have one of the easiest web sites, which is why I buy from you.. good prices and a good site.. Keep it up!

Just as I was opening up your email the Overnite truck pulled up with the order I placed last week. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I was impressed with how well everything was packaged and protected. I can't wait to get out on the water this weekend. Thanks again for all the help. You're running a first-rate operation!

I got my board today -- you guys are awesome! The packing was bulletproof, and you got it here so FAST! Again, thanks very much. You guys give the best customer service I have ever seen!

Thanks for the call. I love talking with a salesman who really knows his stuff. (Who else could have remembered the umbilically tethered spaceman on the 1996 (?) F2 Orbit? I might ad that you are also obviously accomplished and very smooth in your sales process. (I used to work in retail bike sales, and while I was doing it, achieved #2 TREK sales (retail, not distribution) in the country one happens naturally when you like people, like what you're selling, and enjoy helping people get more fun out of life.

I'm in your computer....long time satisfied customer. I send customers your way every chance I get and wouldn't spend a dime elsewhere if I could avoid it. I call you guys windsurfing therapists.

Thanks for the quick response and detailed information. I find that be it cameras, cars, or whatever - it is often hard to find people that actually know their product and how to set people up for what they actually need.

Thanks again for all your help and recommendations. Last nite between 4:00 and 7:00 we had steady 22  23 mph winds with gusts to 28 to 30. The area in Barnegat bay where we sail is exactly 2.3 miles wide. The west side provides a mountainous chop. The last 3/4 of a mile on the east side is knee deep and flat as hell. There also is a venturi squeeze for the last couple of hundred yards. Laurie was on a 90 liter JP, 400 viper wave, Fiberspar boom, your 4.0 Ezzy (which is gorgeous, Thanks) and the Curtis weed fin you sold her.
Gary this woman will never be the same.

OH man!!!… You don’t need to say sorry… Thanks to you… I feel lucky dealing with people like you!!! I’ll be waiting for the bag when arrives, no rush!!!
Thanks again,

Thanks Guys ... This type of service is why I continue to buy from Isthmus Sailboards.

Your service both before and after the sale is making the sport more enjoyable for us.

I think your website is great! I'm very surprised that after placing my order on Saturday night your company can ship the order out by COB Monday. This is the first time that I have tried shopping for windsurfing gear using the web and the first time I have purchased anything from Isthmus Sailboards. Rest assured it will not be the last. Isthmus Sailboards is the first place I'll check out when I need additional windsurfing supplies.

I ordered some stuff from your store last year and was pleased with the overall experience. The site is easy to navigate and use, and the service has been good also. An item that was forgotten on my last order was quickly dealt with and shipped to me at no charge. Keep up the good work. I recommended a co-worker buy a complete beginner board/rig from you guys because of the good experience I had last time (see, it pays to do a good job...).

Just wanted to say thanks for all of the wonderful service ya'll have given me over the years, and my newest purchase the Hypersonic is one hell of a board.

I have been buying from you for two years and I have always been surprised by the time invested from your part in recommendations and suggestions...keep up the good customer service. Gary you have a great company!!! I only wish you would have a subdivision here in Mexico.
Jose - El Cid Resorts

Again, your advice was right on, the stability was perfect, and the speed
was more than enough, and I had to bail out on more than one occasion!! But

Thanks for your excellent service! I just ordered a sail for the first time, and was surprised by how quickly it came. Your prices were competitive and your sale on shipping was great. I also enjoyed the free videotape that you included. Keep up the good work!

Excellent! Thanks again Jon. This reconfirms why I do business only with Isthmus. I will drop you a note when the mast arrives.

Gary, You are the man!!! You guy's are the best around. Lookin forward to rippin on this board in OBX 1st week in April then back on my home turf on lake Erie. Thanx again for the best customer service on the planet!!!

The carve 111 board that was part of that shipment is a killer board I've used in a wide range of conditions and had a blast. Furthermore, when I called to buy my equipment, that board was not even on my radar screen. You turned me on to that board, and for that I am very grateful. As always, thanks for your help.

I received my order today!! Everything was in great shape and nothing was missing. I actually rigged up the 5.5 in my office, we have a pretty large lounge/common room! Thanks again for the great advice and service, it couldn't have gotten any easier for me! Thanks again!! WOOO!!


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