Starboard Start Assembly Guide
By Jon Massmann and Isthmus Sailboards

Start Components: 

Lower left moving clockwise
1. Fin = 40cm Drake Tuttle x 1
2. Fin screws x 2, with stainless washers x 2, and rubber recessed washers x 2
3.  Daggerboard deck male screw on handle x 1.
4.  Footstraps with hardware x 4.
5.  Spare T-nut x 1 (for one bolt bases)
6.  Screw and washer x2 with Nylon tether attachment x1.
7.  DVD - Start Windsurfing x1
8.  Instruction guides and stickers.

Vent Plug

1. Vent plug x1 will be located in the mast box in bubble wrap.  Remove this and expose the vent plug.

2. Screw the vent plug into the corresponding hole found and back end of the mast box.  Screw this in so it is snug and seals water out.  Open this vent plug when board is experiencing extreme temperature differences or while traveling through high altitudes (mountain ranges and airline travel.)  Always close this vent plug b4 using board in the water!

Daggerboard Handle

1- Locate the daggerboard handle and screw it into the female treaded located at the front deck section of the daggerboard.

2- When full tightened into position it should look like this.


1. Assemble fin screw with washers in this order.

2. You will have 2 sets of screws w/washers; the longer screw will screw into the rear hole on fin and board. 

3. Insert the fin in the fin box with cut out at base of fin foil towards the rear.

4. When installed it should look like this.

5. Screw in the fin bolts using the shorter bolt forward and longer bolt aft.  Snug these up so the fin base is flush with the bottom of the board (Image 4).


1. For enter level and intermediate footstrap placement you will need to remove the black anti-twist washer w/ black post, from base of the footstraps. This will allow easy attachment. 

2. Advanced/ Expert setting will use these anti-twist washers. 

3. The post will insert forward or aft of the desired screw hole you are using.  This will prevent the strap from twisting while in use.

Daggerboard In Action

1. When the daggerboard is fully retracted it should not be exposed.  This is the proper position for transporting and high winds to access the maximum hull speed and intermediate to expert footstrap positions. 

2. In the mid range of swept positions, this will benefit medium to lighter winds, shallow water and still create lift to assist in windward performance and less side slippage.  Ok to use beginning footstrap position with front foot.  Not good for intermediate or expert positions.

3. Fully vertical, this position is best for maximum stability, best upwind performance and minimum side slippage.  (not good for footstrap usage other then front strap beginner position.)

Side View of Start with Daggerboard and Fin

1. Side view with maximum lift surfaces exposed. 

Tether attachment

1. The tether attachment is targeted for schools and or stationary on the water instruction.  It is attachable with the screws and washers provided with the tether.  The insert holes on the bottom of the board are sealed, so it is not necessary for you to attach the tether unless desired for use.  If attaching to board, please be certain both screws are screwed in very snug into the board.