Many customers are finding the luff length on the 2005 Ezzy Infinity seems too long.

The truth is, David Ezzy wishes the Infinity to be rigged differently than with prior year models.

When rigging, we suggest you leave a gap between the bottom grommet of the sail and the pulley of your mast extension.  This gap will allow you room to put a pulley hook if you so desire.  It also raises the foot of the sail up slightly higher off of the water while sailing preventing your foot from dragging in the water during jibes.

Having the sail ride “higher” on the masts will allow the tack strap to work more correctly as well.  The strap will be able to pull and cinch the foot region of the sail with a better angle then if you have the grommet too low.

The final point to having this space is that it balances out the clew height on the boom a bit.  You may have noticed that the boom height is quite a bit lower on the ’05 model then the ’04.  Having this gap will balance out the boom height a touch.